Character- Abyss Maul
abyss maul

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

Other Pictures: Abyss Maul full body
    Abyss Maul               

 © 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Abyss Maul
Hair: Red (Tubules are actually used for breathing)
Eyes: Yellow
Height: 50 ft
Age: 12 000+

Born in: Hivina (Dimension of Titans)
Base of operations: Mobile/World oceans
Classification: Titan

Ethical alliance: Evil to surface dwellers


Abyss Maul was brought to Earth over 12 000 years ago when early humans became sedentary and started to build villages and cities. One of their main concerns was to safeguard their food supply and access to fresh water for crops. But as the population began to increase, fighting for control of these resources brought about wars.

A chieftain and shaman from one of these cities decided to call on divine powers to help protect them. Through incantations and rituals, he sought to bring forth a sea spirit to help them win the war, but instead, opened a portal to Hivina, a dimension of Titans. 

Abyss Maul was ripped from his world and sucked through the portal. He tried to return, but the portal closed behind him, stranding in this new world. From below the waters, he could hear the words of the shaman calling to him.

Abyss Maul rose up above the sea. He towered over the villagers as they were bowing down to him. The shaman was not. He stood tall and self-assured.

"I have summoned you, Great One," the shaman said. "Now do as I ask and destroy my enemies."

Abyss Maul looked at the diminutive human and anger rose in him.

"You expect me to do your bidding after you ripped me away from my world and sealed the way back? Why would I care what happens to you?"
"You must." The shaman said. "You are a god and I have summoned you. You have the power to get rid of our enemies, and having summoned you, you must do my bidding."

Abyss Maul let out a hearty laugh. "I don't know where you get that nonsense. You may have summoned me, but that gives you no power over me. Still..., getting rid of our enemies may give me some form of peace. I agree with your offer. I will destroy our enemies..."

The shaman and his people cheered and danced at those words, but Abyss Maul was not finished speaking.

"...and since I consider you one of them, I will start with you."

Abyss Maul spread out his hands and the waters around him rose fifty feet. The shaman and his people started to run as the wall of water rushed towards them, taking down the nearby towns and villages.

Unable to return to his home world, Abyss Maul made Earth his new home. Over the millennia, he forgot about his old life and became a creature of the Earth.

He spent most of his time resting in the deepest parts of the oceans, waking solely when hunger took him or when his rest was disturbed, as it had the few times meteors had crashed on Earth. Some had crashed into the waters and sometimes impacted the surface, but the repercussions of most had been felt throughout the planet. 

But of late, other types of events had caused him to waken. Surface dwellers had been venturing the seas more and more, disturbing the sea life, hunting it to extinction and spilling toxins into the waters. Death that had come from natural events was now being caused by the careless nature of the surface dwellers.

He would need to deal with these surface dwellers. He would need to show them that the seas were not theirs. That venturing in the domain Abyss Maul had claimed as his would not be tolerated anymore, and that doing so would be dealt with swiftly.

Abyss Maul began to hunt down the surface dwellers as they ventured onto the seas. Their vessels were destroyed. And for those who hid on the shores, tsunamis would push them further inland. The surface dwellers would ultimately learn that the seas were fighting back and that to cross them was to summon death from the abyss.

Although he is considered to be evil by many, Abyss Maul is a protector of the oceans, very much like his nemesis, Koraal. Unlike Koraal, however, Abyss Maul has no tolerance for surface dwellers and no pity towards them. 


Sonic generation: Abyss Maul can generate shockwaves capable of causing tsunamis.

  He can move vast amount of water, propel it with tremendous force or cause giant whirlpools.

Super strength:  His strength is prodigious and far exceeds the 500 tons of lift.

Physical resistance: He can resist the tremendous physical forces caused at the deepest depth of the oceans. His shell can stop most modern weapons.

Underwater breathing: His cranial tubules allow him to filter oxygen from water or air.

Speed: By retracting his legs into his shell, Abyss Maul can propel himself via jet propulsion and attain speeds of around 500 mph.

Weaknesses: His flesh is somewhat vulnerable to high intensity energy weapons. Although he can walk on land, he cannot venture too far from water.

Curiosities: His legs can retract into his upper body, thus encasing them in his armoured shell.

Main antagonist: koraal  


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