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The fifth world of the Aman'dal system. It is a world where interstellar commerce thrives. It is also the world where the headquarters of the Gamblers' Guild is located. The most famous city on Aman'terot is Betna'tu City, where the Pan Stellar Tournaments are fought.

Location: Aman'dal system
First appearance: The Return of Gaia Force #3


Andeleb is the fourth planet of the Shifu Sytem. It is a gas giant whose atmosphere is naturally high in methane gas. The planet has four moons, two of which are populated.

Andaled I- Primarily used as a military weapons' testing site.  
Andaleb III - Home
 of the elitists, the government and the military.
Andaleb IV- Industrial colony. This moon has a naturally high concentration of CO2.

Location: Shifu System
First appearance:
 The Return of Gaia Force #1


Athela is the birthplace of the Athelans, and is also a sentient world. It was later turned into a second star, enabling the Athelans to populate the furthermost world of their system. Athela was eventually freed and healed by the Guardian.

Location: Kavini System
Home of: Athelans
First appearance: A Tale of...#1

BahNadar  Em 

The home world of the BahNu and of their Consortium. 

Home of:
Location: BahNu Consortium 

Benicia Tara

Benicia Tara, the sixth planet in the Upsilon3 Eridani System, a.k.a. Beemim System. 

Home of: Benicians

Upsilon3 Eridani System in the E'lah Dominion

Beranda IV 

Beranda IV is home of the Berandi, a race of natural empaths.

Home of: Berandi
Location: E'lah Dominion
Known Berandi: 


Debias is the fifth world in the Shifu Sytem. It is a ringed gas giant with ten major moons. Three of which are settled as mining colonies

Debias II- Nickel, Iron, cobalt and various other metals
Debias VI- Water mining colony
Debias VII - Rare metals, including gold and platinum.

Location: Shifu System
First appearance: Scheduled for Gaia Force #14

Earth (Gaia)

Earth is a sentient world possessing a soul whose name is Gaia. It is also the birthplace of Humanity and home to Humans, as well as, the birthplace of Gaia Force. Earth also has one moon, where the Citadel, the home of Gaia Force, is located. 


Home of: Humans
Location: Sol System
First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy 



Long ago, Exilium was home to a space faring civilization, but when one of their neighbouring planet was destroyed by a wandering comet, the whole system was thrown into chaos. The system, known to some as the Eta Carinae System, had always been in turmoil, but with the destruction of one of the planets, it became more so. The inhabitants opted to abandon their world when a slew of meteors obliterated many of their cities.

Millenia later, Exilium was turned into a penal colony destined to be a sure death sentence. Criminals were sent to live their final days there, in what, at first, seemed a better option than forced labour or incarceration. They were settled in the last remaining city and left to themselves.

The whole thing, however, was nothing but a game set up by the Gamblers' Guild. The colony had been put into play in the hope that the system's unforgiving nature would eradicate the colony.

Exilium is constantly at risk of being obliterated by comets and meteors.

Location: Eta Carinae System
First appearance: Return of Gaia Force #4

Gheron is the third planet of the Rigel system. It is a harsh and dry world where Gatari are being held as prisoners. The planet is a prison colony where Gatari who refuse to live under Koralia's rules are being kept. 

Home of: Gatari
Location: Orion constellation
Known Gatari: Gornak

First appearance: Scheduled for Gaia Force #12

Irrilani B

Irrilani B is an ocean moon circling its parent planet, Irrilani A. The moon is scattered with a few land masses, but none large enough to be considered continents.

The moon receives most of its heat from Irrilani A, a gas giant with an excessively high internal heat source. Irrilani A also has a high albedo, reflecting much of the sunlight it receives. This combination of heat sources has made Irrilani B the watery world it is.


Home of: Irrilians
Location: Orion constellation


Jara Vee

Jara Vee is commonly known as a "super Earth". It is a terrestrial planet three times the size of Earth. Its gravity is roughly 5g making its inhabitants extremely strong. Jaravians are often recruited as muscle by various races.

Home of:
Location: E'lah Dominion
Known Jaravians: 


K'orVara'K is the fifth planet of the Rigel system and the homeworld of the Gatari and Nahtas. Its capital city is Hajihin, and it is there that Empress Koralia, aka the Gatari Nak'To, lives. 

Home of: Gatari/Nahhas
Location: Orion constellation
Known Gatari: Gornak

First appearance: Scheduled for Gaia Force #11


Malekia (Kalah)

Just as Earth had been, Malekia was a world in pain. Its soul had been brought to the brink of despair, but was then freed when the Guardian came to its aid. Malekia is a sentient world whose soul name is Kalah. Kalah sought vengeance on the population that had pained her and tried to exterminate them. She nearly succeeded, but was defeated by Q'Aestor. He destroyed the planet's soul, turning the once living world into a dead one. Q'Aestor unearthed one entire city from Malekia and took it with him. The city would later be renamed Malekia.

Home of:
Location: Undisclosed

Known Malekians:   
Benora  Hangor  Majur Shyda Tandel Wavon
First appearance: The Return of Gaia Force #1



Populated by a kind and highly spiritual people who live in harmony with all life on their world, Neosa was also a rich world, both in mineral resources and rare elements. Its vast resources made it appealing to many alien races and for many years, unknown to the peaceful inhabitants, wars raged beyond their world.

Many races had laid claim to this system, but while the wars raged, no one had officially set foot on Neosa. Then, a clear winner was declared. The BahNu had managed to set bases on all the worlds inside this system, making their claim of it absolute.

With no opposition, the BahNu invaded Neosa. The Neosians may have been giants in comparison, but they were not warriors and when faced with the BahNu's fierce tactics and highly advanced technology, the Neosians surrendered.

The BahNu took no time in subjugating the population, and the Neosians were forced to mine their world's precious resources. The BahNu ruled for centuries, ravaging the once green world and turning it into a scorched wasteland, but unknown to them, the world's pangs of pain had been heard, and the Guardian came to make restitutions.

Neosa was restored to her former glory and the BahNu were expelled to their own system.

Number of moons: 2 natural, 153 artificial
Home of:
Location: Ayama system (formerly part of the BahNu Consortium)

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy,
Known Neosians:           
First visual appearance: The Return of Gaia Force #1


Nibiru is a multi-universe planet. It exists in two different universes. When it appears in ours, it finds itself between Mars and Jupiter.

Home of:
Location: Sol system (Prime Universe) and alternate universe (Universe-A9987)

First appearance: Upcoming Novel War Legacy


Pal'lasha is rich in rare elements and minerals. It has been settled by an E'lah mining and refining facility, where their most precious ore is mined from the planet's core.  This ore is instrumental in the manufacturing of warp drive engines.
Pal'lasha is also rich in fauna and flora and resembles Earth during the Jurassic period. It is an extremely hostile world.

A.K.A.: Pal'lasha I
Home of:
Location: E'lah Dominion (Hyades cluster)
First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy



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