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Created by: Lawrenz Lano

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© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Name: Geneviève Jalet
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 5 inches
Age: 17
Nationality: French
Occupation: Student/Dancer

Base of operations: Paris, France
Classification: Enhanced Human/Animal hybrid

Ethical alliance: Good


Paris's Théatre Mogador was packed the day Geneviève's life changed. The young dancer had been ecstatic when she had been picked to perform in a Cats musical and knew her life would be changed from that day on, but it was not as she had intended.

While Geneviève sang, danced and poured all her emotions into her role, the entire theatre began to shake violently as an object crashed into it. People screamed and began to evacuate the building. Debris was falling from the rafters and the balcony split in two, causing a river of bodies to crash to the ground. It was mayhem.

The dance troupe ran backstage, but Geneviève's curiosity took the best of her, and she crouched behind a pillar to watch the scene. She almost wished she had not.

The object that had crashed into the theatre was a spaceship. Geneviève recognized it as Gatari. The war with these alien beings was covered assiduously by the media, and there was no one on the planet who had not seen pictures of these ships. Thankfully, it was not a Nest ship but a Scout ship. Nest ships housed almost a million Gatari, they were told. Scout ships only a handful. Still, when the occupants came out and started hacking into the crowd, half a dozen Gatari seemed as threatening.

But where was Gaia Force or Prime Force, Geneviève wondered? They usually dealt with such threats.

While the six Gatari hacked away, two more came out of the ship carrying some sort of equipment. They signalled their ship and energy pulses blasted the ground. Through the opening they had created, the Gatari disappeared with their equipment.

Geneviève got up but quickly got back down. More creatures crashed into the theatre, and she recognized them as well. It was the team called Wild Force. At least someone was responding to the threat.

The members of Wild Force entered the ship. Roars and screams echoed and moments later, Wild Force came back out. All were covered in blood, but the blood wasn't theirs.

"Let's track the others," Panther said, and the team disappeared into the sewers.

Geneviève decided to follow. Stealthily, she made her way towards the sound of battle, but as quickly as it had started, the sound of battle stopped. Only the guttural sound of Gatari could she hear. Had Wild Force been defeated?

They had not. They had simply been contained. The five members were floating in what looked like a force bubble.

Geneviève quietly approached them while keeping an eye on the Gatari. The aliens were assembling their equipment, and Geneviève had a bad feeling that it was some sort of bomb.

Panther saw her and cautiously whispered a few words, but Geneviève did not understand him.

He then looked to his teammate. "Ferine, you speak French. Talk to her."

The one called Ferine asked her who she was.

"My name is Geneviève, but my friends call me Chatonne."

Ferine translated. "She says her friends call her...Kitty Cat."

Panther smiled. The young woman could almost be a part of Wild Force, dressed as she was.

He spoke to her via Ferine. "All right Kitty Cat, we need your help to get out of this stasis field. All you have to do is get to that switch and turn it off. Then, we can deal with the Gatari. Can you do that?"

Geneviève saw that the switch in question was in the middle of the Gatari group. It would not be easy to reach, but if she did not, who knew what the Gatari would be doing next. At the moment, she was Wild Force's only hope, so she nodded yes.

Geneviève made her way towards her target. While the Gatari had their back to her, she infiltrated their perimeter, but one of them spotted her. He raised the alarm and his companions turned. Raising their swords, they tried to hack at the intruder but were careful not to damage their equipment. Geneviève took it as a good sign. The Gatari were huge, but in the closed area, they could not move as easily as they liked.

Geneviève had no problem dodging their blows. She was small and limber. Her dancing skills were put to the test as she manoeuvred her small body between her attackers. She slipped through their legs, avoided their weapons, and even jumped over one of them.

Her hand reached the switch and she hit it. The stasis field disappeared. At the same time, a Gatari grabbed her, but he was immediately beheaded by Wildclaw, who had just been freed.

Free from their trap, Wild Force had little trouble dealing with the eight aliens and within minutes, the battle was over.

Panther went to Geneviève to thank her. "Thank you very much for your assistance, little Kitty Cat. We wouldn't have been able to do this without you. Wild Force will forever be in your debt."

He gently petted her furry head before joining his team and heading towards a forming portal. "Au revoir, Kitty Cat." He said as the portal closed.

Geneviève smiled. "Kittykat? I like the sound of that."

Unknown to all, Avatar Prime had witnessed the entire battle but had preferred to stay hidden as his newly formed team handled the situation, but they had almost failed. He had thought his team was complete, but they had just demonstrated that perhaps they were not quite ready. Another addition may not be a bad thing.

"Panther was right, Kittykat. They couldn't have done it without you."

Geneviève turned, startled by the unexpected visitor but relaxed when she saw who it was.

"I am glad I was there to help." She said.

"So am I." Avatar Prime replied. "But I think that in the future there may come a time when they will need to rely on you again. It would not do if they were to need you, but you were nowhere to be found. What would you think of becoming a part of Wild Force?"

"Me? But I am not a superhero. This is only a costume."

"You are brave, that is power enough, but yes, to fight this war, you will need a little more." Avatar Prime said, suppressing a smile.

Avatar Prime points to a hair on her costume.“This is cat hair.”

"I suppose. My cat likes to lie on my costume. I try to brush it off, but I can’t get it all."

“Then you may thank your cat. The DNA in this hair will do.”  

Avatar Prime picks up the real cat hair lodged amidst her fake cat fur.

He closed his fist and it glowed with energy. When he opened it, the cat hair had been transformed into a cat paw amulet, which he placed around her neck.

"You are now part of Wild Force, Kittykat. When you are needed, you will be called upon."

Kittykat activated the amulet and was transformed. She giggled as she ran off in search of mice, rats and whatever else was out there.


Transform: The amulet at her throat allows her to take on a feline appearance.

Animal abilities: Her abilities are those of a cat. 

Animal attributes: In her feline form, she has a tail and retractable claws.

Agility: Her increased agility enables her to get into places most people can't.

Speed: Her reflexes are the quickest among her teammates. Her reaction time allows her to counteract an attack before she is struck.

Heightened senses: Increased sense of sight and hearing.

Super jump: Can clear a twelve-foot fence easily.

Super strength:
 In the 1 ton range.

 A cat paw amulet provides her change. The amulet also lets the wearer speak and understand its fellow members, all of whom speak different languages.


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