Character- Mole

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

Other Pictures: Mole

Art by: VenneccaBlind


 © 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Vasili Martynov
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Age: 37

Born in: Russia
Occupation: Crime Lord, Head of Random Might
Familial links: Son (Viktor), Daughter (Tasha)

Base of operations: Washington D.C., USA
Classification: Randomite

Ethical alliance: Evil


Vasili was a Russian criminal who had evaded incarceration when he had agreed to work for the US government. As a double agent, he had infiltrated the Russian mob and was passing on information to the US Secret Service but when the Russians discovered that he was a mole, he tried to flee back to the US. Unfortunately, he was captured, tortured and incarcerated in a Russian Gulag. The US never tried to recover him and left him there to rot.

While he was in solitary confinement waiting for his life to end, Vasili was taken by a seizure. After a few minutes, the seizure stopped and Vasili found himself covered in a wet film. He thought it was sweat but as he tried to wipe it off, some of the liquid fell on the ground and started eating through the cement floor.

Vasili touched the melted floor and pressed his hand into it. More liquid oozed out of his hand and the hole in the floor grew larger. Vasili got up and stepped into the hole. He looked at his oozing hands and focused on them. His whole body began to ooze and his clothes melted away as Vasili sank into the floor. He managed to tunnel out of the prison and escaped.

Once outside, his body returned to normal. Vasili realized what had happened to him, he had become one of the Randomites. He had received the ability to tunnel through virtually any substance.

He decided to return to America and make the government pay for having abandoned him. The first night he arrived, he began to collect what he was owed by robbing four banks. In the dead of night, he tunnelled under the banks to reach their vaults. From beneath, he burrowed his way into the vaults and emptied them.

Now that he had set up a comfortable life for himself, Vasili began his career as a thorn to Uncle Sam. The government had made him a mole, and he would continue to be one. He would make it his life's pursuit to dig into every corner of the government. He would steal their secrets, their money and make their life as miserable as they have made his.

He started by taking control of the drug trade. He had found the location of many of the police evidence lockers where recent drug bust loot had been stored. Tunnelling into the facilities was mere child's play for the mole he was. Now with his new acquisition he could buy off even more people and strengthen his hold on the world of crime.

He also kept a close eye on news and police reports about Randomite activity. For the most parts, these were being hunted down simply for existing. He would make it a point to contact these individuals and integrate them into his world. He would offer them a place where they could belong and thrive. He would work them into a formidable force and through them, he would become even more influential. Random Might would soon rule the world of crime.


Substance secretion: The Mole can secrete a highly corrosive agent from his skin. The agent is so corrosive that to date, no substance has been able to resist it. The Mole has tunnelled through 12 inch steel in barely a minute.

Physical resistance: The Mole has been shot, but the bullets only cause him a mild discomfort. In a matter of seconds, the bullets are completely melted. While in corrosive form, he cannot be hurt by conventional weapons.

Military training: Vasili is experienced with a variety of weapons and has learned various form of combat, most notably Krav Maga.

Weaknesses: His corrosive nature can be suppressed with intense cold and energy weapons can keep him at bay. Also, the corrosive agent he secretes is at its most corrosive as it leaves his body, but it loses its effectiveness after it drops away.

Role in Random Might organization: Head of organization in charge of information gathering and blackmail.


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