Character- Papa Blanc
Papa Blanc

Created by: Lawrenz Lano
First appearance:

Other appearances:
The Unconventionals #3,#4

Papa Blanc

Art by: DomesticVamp

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Selvandieu Auguste
A.K.A.: Sylvestre Auguste

Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 foot

Age: 40
Country of Origin: Haiti

Occupation: Crime Lord
Familial links: Brother (Sylvestre), Niece (Marinette)

Base of operations: Montreal, Canada
Classification: Human/Mystic

Ethical alliance: Evil


Selvandieu was raised by his grandmother alongside his brother Sylvestre. From an early age they learned that their grandmother was feared by many and that their fears were justified. She was a powerful voodoo witch and as such, she instructed her grandchildren in the arts. The two became powerful priests, but Selvandieu excelled beyond her expectations.

When Sylvestre moved to Canada to form his own criminal organization, Selvandieu continued to learn from his grandmother. He stayed with her until her death and inherited her complete collection of voodoo relics, one of which was a necklace she had claimed protected you from magical spells.

Selvandieu eventually returned by his brother's side and became his right-hand man. By that time, Sylvestre had begotten a daughter he had named, Marinette, and upon seeing her, Selvandieu understood why he had named her so. She had been named after Marinette Bras Cheche (Marinette of the dry arms), a legend in voodoo lore, but it was the child's condition that had brought about that connection. The child had Progeria, and she looked like an old, wrinkled hag.

Furthermore, the child was thought to also have been a Randomite because she exhibited an unusual ability. She could suck the life energy out of people and use it to reverse her Progeria. Unfortunately, the process was only temporary.

Selvandieu could see many possibilities regarding this child, but Sylvestre wanted none of it. He did not mind sacrificing wet nurses to feed his child, but he stopped at using her for more nefarious purposes.

All this changed when Selvandieu had a near fatal accident.

Sylvestre decided to use his voodoo magic to bring his brother back, but he didn't know that Selvandieu had been wearing a necklace he had inherited from his grandmother. The necklace was to protect him from magical harm, and it had done so. When it had been confronted by the voodoo magic, it fought back. The necklace sent Selvandieu's soul where it would not be harmed; inside Sylvestre's own body.

Selvandieu felt his soul being pushed out of his body and sent into Sylvestre's body for protection. Since two souls cannot inhabit one body, the two souls fought for dominance. Sylvestre fought hard to stay inside his own body, but Selvandieu was the stronger of the two. Sylvestre's soul was pushed out.

With nowhere else to go, Sylvestre entered Selvandieu's body. But the pain of finding itself in such a broken body was too much for him, and Sylvestre's soul left the body. Without a body to return to, it is unclear if Sylvestre actually died or if his soul is still roaming lost.

From that day on, Selvandieu took up the role of his brother and assumed the name Papa Blanc. He was now in control of the Haitian criminal underworld and the "father" of Marinette. Now with Sylvestre gone, he would make good use of her.

Selvandieu's main enforcer is the creature known as Mardi Gras who was created from his own original flesh and from the darkness of both brothers.


Magic: Papa Blanc is a powerful voodoo priest and uses voodoo magic to enforce his will on others.

Mind control: He is able to place people in a death-like trance where they lose their will and act like zombies. These are done through zombification rituals and the use of "coup de poudre" or zombie powder.

Necromancy: His most powerful spells allow him to revive the dead and place them under his control. He has also revived Mardi Gras on numerous occasions.

Summoning: Papa Blanc seems to be able to tap into the underworld to summon the dead. He has summoned the dead in areas where none are actually buried.

Weaknesses: Papa Blanc is a powerful voodoo priest, but he is still a normal human. 

Paraphernalia: As his name states, Papa Blanc (White Father) wears only white suits. He also uses an assortment of ritualistic relics, herbs and potions, including zombie powder (coup de poudre).

Main antagonist: 


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