Character- Slick

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

Other Pictures: Slick

Original costume

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Jonathan Brazeau
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 6 inches
Age: 25

Born in: Canada
Occupation: Sales Clerk (sporting goods store)
Base of operations: Montreal, Canada
Classification: Randomite

Ethical alliance: Good


Jonathan was driving his car when the seizure took him. He tried to bring the car to a stop, but passed out during his convulsions. The car continued on the straight road for a few moments, but eventually veered off and crashed in a nearby field.

When Jonathan woke up, he was hundreds of feet away from the wreck that was his car. Somehow he must have been ejected out of the open window, but he could not explain how he had gotten so far with virtually no injuries.

As he started walking towards the road, he noticed that the grass leading to it had all been bent as though something had been dragged through them.

Did someone drag me through all this? He wondered. But if someone had, then where was that someone? Jonathan continued to ponder what had happened as he walked towards his car. When he got there, firemen and medics rushed to him, but he assured them that he was fine. At least, until he stepped on the pavement.

It was as if he had stepped on a slippery wet icy surface. Jonathan lost his footing and started skidding away towards the oncoming traffic. The medics rushed to him, telling him that he needed to rest after his ordeal and that his loss of footing must have been caused by a blow to the head he must have received.

They guided him towards the ambulance and placed him on a gurney. He was offered a bottle of water, but as he grabbed it, it slipped through his fingers.
The medic picked it up and offered it back while telling him that he would be checked out at the hospital. However, by the time they arrived, Jonathan seemed to be fine. The doctors checked him out but found nothing wrong with him except for a few bruises. Eventually he was sent home.

This is when things got weird.

Throughout the day, he went from being Mr Butter Fingers to Mr Sticky Fingers. He would drop things constantly, or things would stick to him and refuse to come off. He even got stuck on his couch at one point, and had a hard time trying to unstick himself.

He laughed at the absurdity of the whole thing, but the more he started touching things, the more he gained control of whether they were going to stick to him or not. He then tested new options. Picking more than one thing at the time. He juggled two balls and one stuck to his hands while the other, he could not pick up at all. His fingers would not grab it until he made the conscious effort to pick it up, and then all he needed to do was touch it and up it went.

He now knew what had happened to him. He had become a Randomite, and he had gotten the ability to control his adhesion to objects. 

He was thrilled and knew what he wanted to do with these new abilities, so the next day he went to the skating arena. He was a speed skater, and had narrowly missed qualifying for the Olympics. He needed to see if his new ability could help him achieve that goal. 

Jonathan started his skate run as he usually did and as he reached his top speed, he could feel the wind resistance keep him at bay, so he concentrated on eliminating it.

He gave himself an extra push, and then another. He zoomed around the track at neck breaking speed. He was a blur, he counted the seconds as he finished his lap. He was alone so couldn't adequately time himself, but there was no denying it, he knew he had beaten the world record.

Then another skater was in his path. Where had he come from? All Jonathan knew was that at the speed he was going, he couldn't avoid the collision, so he stopped.

As though he had landed on pavement, the skates came to a dead halt. Jonathan was flung forward by inertia, and he landed on the ice and stuck there. He did not skid. He just stopped.

He left the arena with mixed feelings. He could indeed win the Gold were he to attempt it, but it would not be fair. Using one's abilities is no different from winning doped up. He would not start doing what he had always been against.

Instead, he decided to join the world of crime fighting. He was sure his abilities would be useful in this venue, so he trained to that effect. He was a gymnast as well as a skater. He would mix these two skills of his and make a name for himself. 


Friction control: Slick can control his adhesion to objects by generating a thin film around his body that affects the charge distribution between neighbouring molecules of objects to which he comes in contact with. He can instill various adhesion to different parts of his body simultaneously, allowing him to have his hands stick to a wall while the rest of his body is too slick to grab.

His maximum adhesion is 10 times greater than that of Velcro, and he can also achieve a minimum coefficient of zero, enabling inertia to carry him unhindered.

Wall crawling: By increasing the adhesion in his hands and feet, he can climb walls effortlessly or stick to them and be virtually nondetachable.

Speed: Slick's main mode of travel is speed skating, though he doesn't use skates. He skates by controlling the friction of his feet on the pavement. Under optimum conditions (steep slope, wind at his back), Slick can reach skating speeds approaching 100 mph. 

Physical resistance: Slick is able to resist many physical threats by reducing his adhesion. Punches or objects will deflect unless they are direct hits. He can also increase his adhesion so that if a person punches him, he cannot remove his hand to land a second blow.

Agility: By combining his friction control ability with his gymnastics, Slick can move with great spryness and is virtually impossible to stop.

Weaknesses: Even though he is able to come to a full stop at a moment's notice, Slick must still be careful to avoid physical injuries when he moves at excessive speeds.

Paraphernalia: Slick wears a padded suit and a helmet. His goggles help hide his identity as a mask would.

Main antagonist: Cause Player 



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