Character- Soul Walker
Soul walker

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: 
The Unconventionals #4

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Rachel Kline
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 6 inches

Age: 16
Country of Origin: Canada

Base of operations: Montreal, Canada
Classification: Randomite

Ethical alliance: Good


When she was twelve, Rachel drowned in the family pool. It had been a stupid accident. She had been playing with her dog, when the Randomite seizure took her. She slipped and fell in the pool. As she did, she banged her head and lost consciousness. The seizure continued as her soul started to slip out, but somehow, it managed to keep its anchor.

She was rescued by her mother, but the teen never woke up and for the past four years, she has been in a coma.

The doctors had wanted to remove life support when Rachel was diagnosed as being brain-dead, but moments before "pulling the plug", activity in the brain resumed. The doctors were baffled and refrained from ending her life, but when, days later, the child's brain functions stopped once more, they decided to go ahead with their first intention and proceeded to disconnect life support.

The apparatus was turned off, but it immediately turned back on, and when a nurse tried to reset the switch, she was violently pushed out of the way by an unknown force. The doctors raced out of the room as objects started moving and flying around.

When things settled down, It was agreed that the child would remain on life support, but the entire hospital, shunned that room, believing the comatose child to be possessed.

In reality, things were somewhat different. Rachel was the one causing the disturbances. She was very much alive, but she was also a ghost. Her soul had refused to move on, and it was still bound to her body. 

Rachel had been frightened when she had become aware of her fate, but over the years, she had learned to accept her situation. At first, she had wanted to leave her body behind and move out into the world, but she soon realized that she was still bound to it. Whenever someone touched or moved her, her soul returned to it.

She also learned that she could affect her surroundings, even if she was intangible. She had some form of telekinesis that enabled her to move things with her mind, and she could physically pick up items by concentrating hard enough.

The most interesting aspect of her new form, was that she could tap into the energy of her soul and release it. Soul energy is lethal to nether forces, but it can also harm living beings, depending on how tainted their souls are.

With little to do with her time, Rachel started wandering the city streets at night. There she encountered many evils (usually in the form of men) and she used her ghostly abilities to thwart their evil intents. But not all the evils she encountered were men, many were nether in nature. The cruellest of these was a monster calling himself Mardi Gras. Half alive, half dead, Mardi Gras was born of flesh but sustained by voodoo magic.

She fought him many times and thought she had killed him more than once, but Mardi Gras always managed to return. He was the only being to date who actually knew what Rachel was, and he had accurately named her a Soul Walker.

Mardi Gras would rise again, and it was one such time that she stumbled onto a team of people who had also been fighting him. The youths were holding their own, but Rachel knew that Mardi Gras was too powerful a foe, so she joined them in dispatching the threat.

The young heroes were startled as objects started to fly and attack their opponent, and even more so when Rachel unleashed her soul energy to terminate the threat. It was during that instant that one of them managed to glimpse the ghostly form that was Rachel.

The leader of the group, a lad going by the name Ricochet, was somehow able to communicate with her. He claimed that he had a neurological disorder that allowed him to communicate with certain people. One was an autistic colleague named Zack, and now, Rachel.

Rachel was glad to have someone to talk to after all these years, and when Ricochet asked her to become a part of their team, Rachel agreed. But at first, some obstacles needed to be navigated. No one but Ricochet could actually talk to her, much less see her. But thankfully, Zack came to the rescue when he created a device capable of detecting her.

Named the Para-Sensor, the device is hundreds of times more powerful and accurate than ghost detecting equipment. It scans for changes in the static field and ambient temperature, as well as variations in the electromagnetic field. It, then, converts the data into a 3D image with sound. The Para-Sensor is connected to the temple of the observer, enabling them to see Rachel and even converse with her.

Rachel would not be alone anymore.

Under the name Soul Walker, she became part of the young team of heroes called the

Telekinesis: Soul Walker has the ability to move objects by focussing her mind on her actions. Even if she is intangible, she can pick up objects and throw them.

Energy blast:
 Soul Walker can direct blasts of soul energy. This energy is lethal to otherworldly creatures, but also effective against living beings with tainted souls.

Intangibility: As she is in spirit form, she cannot be touched physically.

Power lift: Her body may be in a catatonic state, but Rachel can use her telekinesis to lift objects as heavy as 300 lbs.

Floating: Her spirit can rise and float, and she can travel at moderate speed.

Symbiosis: Soul walker is tied to her living body. Without it, she would likely not survive and would move on.

 If her body is disturbed, Rachel's soul returns to it. She is also susceptible to some dark magic. 

Releasing her soul's energy is taxing, and she only does so as a last resort.

Curiosities: Unlike real ghosts, Rachel is not cold to the touch. Her ghostly form generates heat, presumably due to the fact that it is still joined to her body.

Main antagonist: Mardi Gras  


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