Character- Vipera

Created by:
 Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy 

First comic book appearance: 
A Tale of...#2

Vipera by John BecaroVipera 
Vipera by Gilbert Monsanto 


© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Vipera (Vee)
A.k.a.: La Dama Serpiente (the snake lady)
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Green
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Age: 26
Born in: Argentina
Occupation: Online researcher
Familial links: Live-in partner (Helena Jordan aka Black Sting)

Base of operations: Sydney, Australia
Classification: Enhanced Human

Ethical alliance: Good


Vipera was a circus performing contortionist. For some unknown reason, her bones never fully developed, and she was born with cartilage only. Unable to live a normal life, she used her unique ability in the circus and was known as "Vipera, the snake lady". 

Vipera lived a harrowing life. She was physically and psychologically mistreated by the owner of the circus and due to her lack of bones suffered many injuries which resulted in her face caving in from the repeated beatings.

When she was not performing, she was confined to a small cage. She was also forced to eat mice and rats as part of her act. The circus owner even rented her out for sordid purposes to those willing to overlook her ugliness.

Avatar Prime rescued her from this life. He healed her and endowed her the abilities of her namesake. He also enhanced her physical stamina and strength. Vipera can now stand as straight as a normal person, but still has her contortionist physique.

Before she agreed to join Prime Force, Vipera went to confront her jailer about the way he had treated her over the years. The circus owner refused to let her go, arguing that she owed him for her life. He even suggested that with her new looks, she finally had the means to repay him back adequately.

As he tried to force himself on her, she unknowingly pumped him full of venom. Avatar Prime had purposely neglected to inform her of that ability of hers so that she would get her revenge, willingly or not.

Vipera formed a very strong friendship with her co-worker,
 Black Sting. In time, that friendship turn to love, and the two entered a relationship. They fight crime together when not dealing with Prime Force.



Animal abilities: Vipera's abilities are based on those of a snake.

Animal attributes: Vipera has a reptilian skin.

Contortionism: Vipera can twist her body virtually 100% and can tighten her body around someone to perform her constrictor squeeze.

Elasticity: She can also extend her body to three times her length.

Wall crawling: By stretching and contracting her skin, she can grip most surfaces and can scale walls. 

Super jump: She can do a super jump, which she calls her "Serpent Strike".

Venom: Vipera can inject venom through her nails.

Sleep inducing:  Vipera can also do a dance which causes a hypnotic effect. The hypnotic dance stimulates the brain of the watcher into producing a melatonin overdose, causing the subject to fall asleep.

Chromatophoria: Although she can change the colour of her skin and hair to blend in society, she rarely does.

Super strength: Vipera's enhanced physique enables her to lift over 4 tons. 

Appearance: Vipera's skin is scaly and green. With her orange hair and clothing, Vipera' look tends to reflect that of a Siamese Peninsula Pit Viper.
Her belt is made up of linked ouroboros 

Main antagonist: swarm 


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