Character- White Monk
White monk

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: None yet.

Other picture: White Monk

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Tashi
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
5 foot 7 inches
Age: 31
Born in: Tibet

Occupation: Monk
Base of operations: Lhasa, Tibet
Classification: Human/Mystic

Ethical alliance: Good


Being a Tibetan monk, Tashi’s only goal was his spiritual development to achieve Buddhahood and his wish to help others to attain it, but as he began his spiritual journey, he was sent on a different path. He had tried on many occasions to find the light inside him, but somehow it always seemed to elude him. He could feel the warmth of that light as it emanated from his central core, but every time he tried to focus on it, the connection was lost.

He began to believe that he would never succeed and eventually brought his concern to the Master of the temple. The Master decided to join Tashi at his next meditation in order to monitor his progress.

As Tashi entered deep meditation, the Master placed one hand on his shoulder and guided his own spirit inside Tashi’s body. In this fashion, the Master was able to observe and guide him. Tashi soon found the light, but as he tried to focus on it, the Master told him to stop.

“What is it you feel?” The Master asked him.

Tashi replied that he felt the warmth of his inner light.

“Is that all?”, the Master asked.

Tashi concentrated. “It seems that there is a second light. A stronger light.”

“Indeed.” The Master said. “This light is trying to guide you but as you focus on your own inner light there is a conflict and both connections are lost.”

“And what is that other light, Master?”

The Master hesitated before saying, “I believe it may actually be the source of all light. The Holy realm. Few have managed to glimpse it. None have ever touched it. You seem to be one of these few, Tashi.”

“What should I do, Master? Should I follow it, or should I focus on my own light?”

The Master said. “You should do neither. You should end your meditation or...”

“Or what?”

“Or let the light draw you in.”

“Draw me in? In to where? What’s on the other side?”

“I cannot say.” The Master admitted. “All that I know is that you seem to have been chosen. Our life as monks is to seek knowledge and enlightenment. I cannot think of a better place to find it than right here. Were I the one chosen, I would not hesitate. Unfortunately, the decision isn’t mine to make.”

“Thank you, Master. I will seek out this knowledge and bring it to all.”

The Master disconnected from Tashi. Tashi was now alone. He could feel both lights around him. His own inner light and the other one. The other one pulled at him, so he let himself drift.

Tashi drifted towards the light. The closer he got to it, the more peaceful he felt. The light was calming, and whatever apprehension he had had about entering it had dissipated. There was nothing to fear here.

He wasn’t sure exactly when he actually entered the light, but he knew that he had passed beyond. The surrounding purity was overwhelming. Were his eyes open? Had he been blinded from the pure white light? He had no way to tell. He couldn’t even see himself, being in spirit form.

But then there was something. Ahead. A point in the distance. He headed towards it and it slowly took form. It was a horn. Not quite dissimilar to those monks blow during festivals. But this one seemed to be made of gold, and it was intricately carved. The horn was not fixed to anything. It just floated in the light. Next to it, a white satchel floated as well.

As Tashi touched to horn, his spirit became tangible. He was whole again. 
Had his body vanished from the Temple only to rejoin his spirit in the Holy realm? 

Tashi grasped the horn and the satchel and as he turned around to leave, he saw no way out.

Was he trapped in this place? Was that the price to pay for enlightenment? Had he even been enlightened? He didn’t feel like he had. Sure, he had seen something none others had seen, but he was still as baffled by this place. And why had he been guided here, to the horn and the bag? There must be a reason.
Tashi looked at the horn and brought it to his lips. He blew hard. The horn echoed loudly. The surrounding light rippled and formed an opening in the whiteness. Beyond, Tashi could see the Temple. Monks were sitting and meditating, oblivious to his presence. 
Tashi looked to the spot where he had been meditating. It was empty. His body really had rejoined its spirit.

But that was unprecedented. Highly trained monks could send out their spirit, but their bodies always stayed behind. Had the horn been responsible? Had it somehow become the bridge between his body and his spirit? Now was not the time to wonder. The portal was wavering, so Tashi stepped through the opening.

The monks gasped as he appeared out of nowhere. He was back and in his hand he held the horn and the satchel. 

The next few days, Tashi experimented with the items he had found. He had tried to use the horn outside the Holy dimension, but surprisingly, it did not open a portal. It simply acted as a horn. The satchel however intrigued him. He found he could place items in it, and they seemed to disappear in its bottomless interior, only to reappear if he needed them. The items retrieved from the satchel glowed with a pure white light.

It was weeks later that he learned the secret of what had happened to him. The leader of Gaia ForceAvatar Prime, came to see him. He wanted to recruit him to fight nether forces. Avatar Prime convinced him that the power he had accessed had chosen him for that reason.

Tashi new about evil, but he had never witnessed its true power until Avatar prime showed it to him. His first encounter with these unholy forces swayed Tashi’s resolve, and he accepted his new role.

As he began his journey as a member of Shadow Force, he learned of the true power of the horn and of the satchel. They were weapons. Weapons to fight evil forces.


Portal creation/sealing: By blowing his horn near a dimensional tear, he can open it or close it.

Spiritual energy: He can cast Holy energy which he taps from a Holy dimension. This magic is primarily effective against nether forces.

Levitation: Can make his body rise vertically.

Paraphernalia: He carries Thun Rwa, a mystical horn that, when blown, can slay dozens of nether dimensional beings. It can also open or seal nether dimensional tears.

His satchel is the doorway to White Monk's Holy power. In it, White Monk can store and retrieve objects instantly. While the objects lay dormant inside the Holy dimension, they absorb its power.

White Monk wears a collar of beads around his neck. It was a gift from the Master of the temple. The beads protect him from possession.


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