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Latest News (June 12, 2024) 

The Unconvenionals #4 is now available on IndyPlanet

A Tale of...#3, coming soon.

The art for Issue #2 of "A Tale of..." is completed. The art is by Wing Kun.

Gaia Force #5 and A Tale of...#1 are now available on IndyPlanet


About this site

This site contains the most complete information regarding 
Gaia Force as well as its subgroups; Prime ForceShadow Force and Wild Force. It also contains information not yet made public in the novel or the comics to date, which could be viewed as spoilers, though I prefer to see it as rewarding those who actually take the time to learn about my world of heroes.

The pages within this site will also include information about other characters from the World of Gaia Force. 

Note: World of Gaia Force and the New Heroes Database are co-owned. The fact that both sites look similar and have similar content is intentional.


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