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World of Gaia Force Timeline:

10000 B.C.: The Anunnaki start their experiments on the human soul.

8000 B.C.: Birth of the E'lah

1200 A.D. (circa): The BahNu invade Neosa.

1300 A.D. (circa):
The Guardian arrives at Malekia and creates Q’Aestor and the Guard’s Sword.

1500 (circa): The Gatari settle in the Rigel System.

1760 (circa): The Guardian arrives at Neosa and creates the Children of the Guardian.

1981: Gaia chooses her newest avatar, Caregiver.

1987: Gaia creates the first Randomite, Soleil.

2012: The Guardian appears, thus creating the Prime Universe, a divergent branch from the A1 Universe.
The Guardian meets Gaia.

Dec 21, 2012: The Guardian appears to the world.

Jan 2013: Avatar Prime is born. He creates Nicci.

Jan 7 2013: Avatar Prime appears to the world.

Feb-June 2013: Gaia Force, Prime Force, Wild Force, and Shadow Force are put into action.
The UEF is created.

Jan 1 2014: Intro to the Guardian Calendar, Year 1 A.G. (After the Guardian, Anno del Guardian).

2014 (1 A.G.): The UEF Armstrong leaves Earth.
Nicci joins them and asks them for Asylum.
Silverlance meets the Neosian guardians.
Birth of the first Chaeh'lah.

2016 (3 A.G): Beginning of the Gatari war.

2017 (4 A.G.) A large number of Earth’s population moves to the Shifu system.
Nicci meets Koralia (Nahtha), and brings her to the Citadel for training.

2022-2023: Setting for  "A Tale of..." comic book series.

2024 (10 A.G.): End of Gatari War, as Koralia defeats the Gatari Nak’To.
Coronation of Koralia as new Empress of the Gatari.
Nicci joins Koralia and becomes a Gatari citizen.

2027 (13 A.G.): In the Shifu System, the UEF becomes the UECF.

2060 (46 A.G.): Avatar Prime visits Koralia on her deathbed.
He extends her life in order to keep the Gatari under control.
Nicci confronts him, and she learns the truth of her existence.
Avatar Prime releases her from bondage.

2061 (47 A.G.): The Gatari Empire becomes the Nahtha Empire.

2315 (301 A.G.): Gaia Force is disbanded. Hartree breaks up with Roguestar and moves to Earth.

2316 (302 A.G.): Roguestar, Meridian and Farpoint move to the Shifu System. They open the Rogues’ Café.
Night Storm settles in the Eta Carinae System.

2318 (304 A.G.): Farpoint and Meridian Break up. Farpoint leaves for unknown parts.

2320 (306 A.G.): Caregiver brings the first humans to the Citadel.
Farpoint settles in the Aman'dal system and resumes his fighting career.
He becomes Betna'Tu City's champion.

2393 (379 A.G.): Q’Aestor makes his way to Neosa.

2394 (380 A.G.): Current timeline. Q’Aestor is defeated. Gaia Force is reborn.


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