Character- Arsenal

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy 

Other Picture: Arsenal

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Bryce Johnson
Hair: Black but usually is bald 
Eyes: Brown
 6 foot 3 inches
Age: 35
Born in: USA
Occupation: Tactical advisor

Base of operations: New York, USA
Classification: Enhanced Human

Ethical alliance: Good


During his tour of duty in the Gulf War, Bryce was injured and became unable to function as a sniper. He was sent home and fell into a depression. Disgusted by his sense of worthlessness, he left all he knew behind and ended up living as a homeless.

There, he reconnected with his best friend, Daniel. He too had returned from the war and his experiences had taken a toll on him as well. As they had throughout the war, the two relied on one another to make it through the hard times.

Then one day, his friend, Daniel, returned with a visitor. The blue guardian known as Avatar Prime wanted to recruit them to lead a team to fight alien enemies.

Bryce laughed in his face, showing his worthless paralyzed hands, but Avatar Prime healed them with a touch.

With encouragement from Daniel, Bryce accepted the offer and the two formed Prime Force. Bryce took the name Arsenal while 
Daniel, who was offered the role of leader, took the name Warbot.


Accuracy: Arsenal is a marksman with a variety of weapons.

Super strength: 
His strength enables him to carry up to one ton of ammunition and weapons.

Military training: Expert in all fire arms. 

Physical and energy resistance: His body armor increases his resistance to physical and energy attacks. His upper body is protected by lightweight ultra-high density cloth.

Levitation: His leg armor incorporates a hovering propulsion system giving him limited flight. 

Paraphernalia: His main weapons include an energy pulse rifle (of alien origin) and a state of the art projectile rifle which can fire armor piercing and anti-tank rounds. All weapons are keyed to Arsenal's DNA and cannot be used by anyone else.

On his wrist, a tactical gauntlet can be found. It has a variety of uses and among them, can serve as a radio, locator and scanner.


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