Character- Warbot

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy 

First comic book appearance: 
The Return of Gaia Force #5

Other appearances:
Gaia Force #6, #7

Other pictures: 
Warbot by Gilbert MonsantoWarbot

Warbot by John Becaro

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Daniel Richardson/Cardigan (Warbot II)
Hair: Black/Black
Eyes: Blue/Brown
 6 foot 1 inches/6 foot 
Age: 29/35
Born in: USA/Undisclosed Earth colony
Occupation: Captain and head of Prime Force/Cargo ship pilot

Base of operations: New York, USA/Tapek, Andaleb IV
Classification: Human

Ethical alliance: Good

The man who would become Warbot was an ex-marine who had fallen on hard times after the Gulf War. Traumatized by the horrors he had witnessed, he turned away from society and lived as a homeless with his best friend, Bryce.

 Avatar Prime chose him to lead Prime Force, Daniel refused unless Avatar Prime made the same offer to Bryce. Impressed with Daniel's boldness, Avatar Prime agreed.

Avatar Prime pointed to Daniel’s neck and asked if he could have the object that hung there.

“You want my dog tags?” Daniel asked insulted.

“No”, Avatar Prime corrected, “the other thing.”

“This is as precious to me as the tags are. I’m not giving you this.”

“Oh, but I don’t plan on keeping it. I will give it right back.”

Avatar Prime explained that the good luck charm Daniel had been carrying all these years was a piece of an alien ship. It was made from nano/nanite technology and was essentially dead, but Avatar Prime revived it and transformed it into an armoured suit. He gave it back to Daniel.

“Now, your good luck charm will continue to protect you and this time, you will see it in action.”

It was never revealed how and when Daniel died or whether anyone else donned the mantle of Warbot after his death, but some 380 years later, we learn that the Warbot armour was placed in the Hall of Heroes in the Citadel, home of Gaia Force.

When Roguestar and Meridian decided to reunite Gaia Force, Cardigan, one of their best friends, volunteered his services as pilot. Upon seeing him, Arkahnus learned that Cardigan, who was supposed to have been a hybrid human, was in fact fully human. As a result, Arkahnus was able to read his whole life experiences, and although he found him to be a flawed man, he also found him to be a good one. Arkahnus decided to give him the Warbot armour, and Cardigan became a member of the New Gaia Force.


Power armor: Wears an armor made from advanced nano/nanite technology. 

Super strength: 75 tons of lift.

Repair factor:  Being made from nano/nanite composite, Warbot's suit repairs itself if it is damaged.

Physical and energy resistance: The suit is resistant to physical and energy attacks. 

Energy blast: The suit's power sources enables Warbot to have unlimited supply of energy pulses. 

Flight: Warbot can reach flight speeds of 100 000 km/hr, (62000 mph) enabling him to attain escape velocity from planets as massive as Neptune.

Limitations: Although the armour can be used in outer space, it contains a limited oxygen supply.


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