Character- Bengal

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance:

Art by John Becaro Bengal


© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Name: Ming Wu
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown (blue/grey as Bengal)
Height: 5 foot 3 inches
Age: 23 
Nationality: Chinese
Occupation: Wildlife conservationist
Base of Operations: Mobile

Classification: Enhanced Human/Animal hybrid

Ethical alliance: Good


As a wildlife conservationist, Ming travelled all over the world to protect wildlife and their habitats but when she went to Asia, her interest in tigers was peeked. She fell in love with those great beasts and when she got wind that poachers in Nepal had been seen hunting them, she knew she had to do something.

With the help of local game wardens, she set out to track these poachers but when their tracks crossed the border into China, the wardens had to desist. She, however, arguing that she was a Chinese citizen anyway, decided to follow them herself.

She eventually caught up to them, but soon realized there wasn't much she could do. They were many and she was alone and unarmed. Her only means of defence was an electric cattle prod that she carried to scare off predators without killing them, but it would do little good against armed poachers.

When night fell, Ming became worried. She was in the middle of the wilderness but couldn't chance lighting a fire for fear of being caught and as she contemplated her options, screams echoed through the darkness. Gunshots erupted and mayhem ensued as the poachers started running amok screaming.

Wanting to escape but also curious as to what was happening, Ming stealthily made her way towards the camp, but the sight that greeted her was totally unexpected.

A woman was the cause of the screams. Ming watched as the woman flew past her and touched one of the poachers. As she did, he screamed in pain and fell to the ground, lifeless.

Ming had seen enough. Whoever that woman was, she didn't want to be found by her. Ming ran, trying to get as far away from the chaos as possible, but as she did, she tripped over something. It was the skinned body of a tiger, one of the poachers' victims.

Ming got up and froze. Another tiger, very much alive, was making its way towards her. In the glow of the full moon, Ming could see that it was a white tiger. Ming backed away slowly, as the tiger approached the dead carcass. It smelled it and roared. Ming could feel its rage and pain. Had it been its mate?

Ming looked for the cattle prod, but she couldn't see it. She had dropped it when she fell, and it was now beyond her reach. There was no way to avoid what was about to happen. She was going to die.

Then, the tiger did something unexpected. It stopped its advance and lay down on all four. As it watched her, Ming continued to back away, not understanding what was happening, but her relief was short-lived when she backed into something alive.

She turned to look. It was the woman she had seen, and she was not alone.

The woman ignored her and went to the tiger.

"I am sorry for what has happened to your sister," she told the beast, "but perhaps we can ease your pain."

Then, she turned to Ming and told her not to be alarmed. She said her name was Caregiver and that she had taken care of the poachers. She also told her that she wanted Ming to continue protecting Gaia's children and that if she agreed, she would be given the means to do so.

Ming listened to Caregiver's words. She told her that Gaia had sent her to dispatch the poachers. They had killed over a hundred of her children, and they had to be stopped. As she listened to the woman, Ming kept an eye on the other being that had accompanied her. She had seen him before and knew who he was. He was Avatar Prime. He was a member of Gaia Force, and although she had never seen Caregiver before, she knew she must have been one as well.

Ming agreed to Caregiver's proposal, and she watched as the green clad guardian touched the dead tiger and its body decomposed and seeped into the ground. Only a fang remained, which Caregiver gave to her companion.

Avatar Prime took it, imbued it with power, and placed the newly formed amulet around Ming's neck. He told Ming to activate it and as she did, she metamorphosed into a being part human part tiger.

"Welcome to Wild Force, Bengal." Caregiver said. "Soon, you will meet the other members of your team, but in the meantime, I think you may have found a new friend."

The white tiger got up and nuzzled Ming before laying next to her, purring. Her sister had been returned.

Transform: Changes into a tiger hybrid.  

Animal abilities: Has tiger based abilities.

Animal attributes: 
Possesses retractable claws. In her animal form, her body is covered by soft stripped hair, her ears elongate to points and her eyes take on a blue-grey colour.

Speed: Increased attack speed.

Agility: Increased agility enabling her to climb trees effortlessly.

Heightened senses: Increased sense of smell, taste and hearing.

Super strength:
 In the 2 ton range.

 A tiger fang amulet provides her change. 
All amulets enable the wearer to communicate with his fellow teammates, most of whom speak different languages.

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