Character- Caregiver

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy

First Comic book appearance:
The Return of Gaia Force #4

Other appearances:
Gaia Force #5, #6

Other Picture: Caregiver



© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Undisclosed
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Age: 31 in 2012
Born in: Canada
Familial links: 
Brothers (Arkahnus and Renshi).
Base of operations: Gaia's soul plane
Classification: Guardian

Ethical alliance: Good


Caregiver is the only guardian not assigned to the Citadel, her role being unique. She is the only one capable of conversing with Gaia, the soul of the planet. Caregiver was chosen by Gaia while she was still in her mother's womb. Her role was to become Gaia's link to the world of Man. Only when the Guardian appeared was the link between the two strengthened. Caregiver became aware of her role and embraced it. To the world, Avatar Prime is regarded as being the first guardian, but in truth, Caregiver holds the title.

Caregiver's role is primarily to Gaia herself, and by being in constant touch with her, she can feel where interdimensional breaches occur and can sense disturbances throughout the planet. When this happens, she coordinates the various Gaia Force subgroups, namely Prime ForceWild Force, and Shadow Force, to deal with the appropriate threats. 

Throughout the years, Caregiver's only task was to Gaia herself, but when she learned that Gaia was rejecting some of her chosen, and allowing them to age once again, Caregiver offered them the option of moving to the Citadel if they wished. Many did not, preferring to continue the life they were used to, but others took the opportunity to try something different, and over time, hundreds migrated to the Citadel with the knowledge that they could never return to Earth.

When Q'Aestor came to destroy Gaia Force, Caregiver joined forces with Gaia and Hartree to oppose him.


Healing: By drawing on Gaia's planetary energy, Caregiver can heal any physical injury.

Instant heal: If her skin manages to be breached, it will heal instantly.

Life Drain: Can perform total life drain on any living thing.

Empathy: Possesses ecological empathy, which allows her to feel the world around her. Although she cannot talk to the wild life, she is able to calm them with a word or send them to run for cover. With the help of Gaia, she has also been able to travel the recesses of the Human mind.

Florakinesis: She can control plants and even make them grow at an accelerated rate. She is able to grow full-size trees in seconds.

Toxin immunity: Immune to all toxins and diseases, and can also neutralize toxins harmful to the environment.

Energy and physical resistance: She possesses a high resistance to most forms of attacks.

Biological acceleration: She can speed up the natural biological processes of all living things to the point of decomposition.

Migration: Caregiver can transport people and herself across the biosphere. By shifting people into Gaia's soul plane, she can transport them anywhere on Earth, provided that there is a plant at their departure point and destination point.

Cross-dimensional travel: She is the only guardian capable of conversing with Gaia, and does so by entering Gaia's soul plane.

Memory suppression: She has done this on one occasion, but it is unclear if it had been her doing or Gaia's.

Omnilinguilism: Like all members of Gaia Force, she can communicate with any intelligent life form
 through guardian speech, an ability that emits vocal messages on multiple frequencies, including the psionic.

Extended life span: Like all members of Gaia Force, she possesses long life.

Space travel: Can fly and achieve interplanetary travel, but has never wandered further than the Moon.

She does not need to eat or drink, but can enjoy the experience, nonetheless.

Enhanced vision: Like all members of Gaia Force, can see in various modes and can stare directly at the sun.

Super strength: Caregiver possesses enhanced strength, enabling her to lift loads of 100 tons.

Weaknesses: Her major weakness comes from her link with Gaia, through which, she can share her pain.

Nicci also managed to cut her with her sword.

Limitations: Caregiver could not extract Q'Aestor's soul when she fought him. He had amassed so much power that even Gaia would have been unable to drain him.

Caregiver can heal any injury except old age and death because they are natural. She also has a scar inflicted by Avatar Prime, which she never could fully heal.

In the novel Grey LegacyCaregiver was asked whether she could heal Humanity's infertility, but she said that she could not because man is not sick. Gaia has changed the laws of the species so that Human males and females are now distinct and incompatible. However, she had stated, had she had the power to do so, she would not because it was not Gaia's wish.

Paraphernalia: Caregiver wears a cloak that has been seen to exhibit living qualities.

Curiosities: All members of Gaia Force are sterile and cannot have children. It is unclear if this is Gaia's doing or the Guardian's.


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