Character- Curupay

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

Other Pictures: Curupay

Art by: VenneccaBlind


© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Alejandro Montero
Hair: Brown (when it grows)
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 11 inches
Age: 32

Born in: Bolivia
Occupation: Drug lord
Familial links: Wife (Elena), son (Carlos)

Occupation: Drug lord
Base of operations: Cochabamba, Bolivia
Classification: Randomite

Ethical alliance: Evil


Alejandro was an upcoming Bolivian drug dealer. He was slowly making a name for himself and had managed to secure a deal that was about to bring him into the big leagues, but it was in the middle of this major drug transaction that the seizure took him.

Taking the opportunity of his incapacitation and the confusion from his men, the buying team gunned down Alejandro's men and took the drugs while keeping their money. For good measure they emptied their guns into the body of the still convulsing Alejandro before leaving.

An hour later, Alejandro got up. He looked at the chaos around him and mourned the loss of his men, then, he looked at himself. Numerous bullet holes had been torn through his suit. He removed it to look at his wounds but all he saw were the holes where the bullets had entered. No blood had seeped out.

By the time he returned home, his flesh had healed and the bullets had been pushed out of his body. He now understood what had happened to him. He had heard of the Randomites popping up all over the world, and he had just become one of them.

He waited a few days while he learned more about what he had become. He had become strong and resilient and not only on the inside. His skin had changed as well. It looked almost normal but was coarser, and the lines that ran along it reminded him of those he had seen on some trees. It was like he had become a tree himself.

He tested his strength upon the first tree he saw. It had a small trunk, but he snapped it with a punch. He laughed. He was even tougher than they were. He continued testing his strength on various trees, marking each with a fist. He only stopped punching them when one tree stood firm and barely budged. Alejandro gazed at the tree. It was a big one. No wonder it had scoffed at his punch.

"So you seem to be as tough as I am," He told the tree. "Though I am sure if I pressed on I could overcome you. But my anger is not towards you. And now that I know what I am, I will do as you have just done. I will take a stand. I will reclaim my honor and I will have my revenge. I hope you don't mind, but I think that I will take your name as my own."

The time had come for his new life to begin, so he sought them out. "Los Mercaderes" was the name they went by. They claimed they could get their hands on virtually anything, and they sure had gotten their hands on his drugs.

When he arrived at their mansion, Alejandro was welcomed by a show of guns, but he had expected that. He let the men frisk him and when they found no guns on him, they allowed him passage to meet their boss, though not un-escorted.

Alejandro had met with El Chacal before. The man was a brute, and he was feared, but when he saw who was coming to meet him, his composure changed. There was fear in him this day.

El Chacal made the sign of the cross, not believing what his eyes were showing him. "You are dead. I saw you dead. You cannot be here, Alejandro."

"You are correct. Alejandro is dead, but you now face Curupay, and I have come to take back what you have taken from me."

Before El Chacal could order his men to kill the abomination before him, Curupay smashed the oak desk that seperated him from his quarry. Bullets lodged into his back, but it did not stop him. El Chacal's throat was crushed like a twig.

Curupay moved towards the hail of bullets and killed the closest of his assailants before ordering the others to stop or suffer their fate.

When the guns stopped, he told the men that he was taking over El Chacal's territory and that they were to continue business as usual. He would spare their lives this time, but he would not do so again if they ever acted against him.

Within days, word had spread that Curupay was the new man in charge and a few months later, he had become the undisputed drug provider in Bolivia.

It was then that he received the visit of another crime boss. A man called Vasili offered him a very lucrative deal. Also known as the Mole, he claimed he could transport Curupay's drugs all over the world with no government intervention whatsoever. All he needed to do was, for a modest fee, become part of the Mole's organization, the Random Might.


Super strength: Curupay's body is strong enough to lift around 35 tons.

Physical resistance: His skin is as tough as bark, but it can be breached with enough force. However, the flesh underneath it is much more resilient and as hard as the strongest of wood. But it is tougher because, unlike wood, Curupay's flesh is flexible like real muscles. It won't break as easily as wood does and it can stop most high calibre bullets.

Natural weapons: Curupay can extend roots from his feet. He usually uses them to drain energy from the soil, but he can extend them to around twenty feet and use them to pull people into the ground or simply crush them.

Healing factor: Curupay's body seems to reject intrusion from foreign matter by pushing it out of its system. Within hours, wounds are healed and bullets are expelled.

Weaknesses: Curupay needs to be in touch with the soil. Spending too much time in urban settings affects his mood. To avoid this feeling, his city home has large bay windows and grass floors.

Role in Random Might organization: Drug supplier


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