Character- Koraal

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

Other Pictures:


Art by Venneccablind

Art by Gilbert Monsanto

 © 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Frantz Blau
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Red
Height: 6 foot 1 inch
Age: 29

Born in: Germany
Base of operations: Mobile/World oceans
Classification: Randomite

Ethical alliance: Good


Frantz was part of the Wildpeace initiative started by Pro-Gaia environmentalists. Wildpeace had been informed that Russians were bringing a new oil platform in the Arctic, and Frantz's team had gone to investigate. However, as they approached the platform, their communication system went down before they could give their location to their headquarters.

Unknown to them, the Russians had known that they had been en route and had jammed their transmissions. They were not about to let environmentalists interfere with their plans again, and they had taken measures to prevent that. The Wildpeace ship was quickly intercepted by a Russian submarine.

Frantz's team did not let themselves get intimidated. They had tangled with these types of people many times before, and although things did sometimes heat up, the sight of cameras usually let cool heads prevail, but this was not one such time. The submarine had not come as a show of force, but as a means to a definitive end to this intervention. It fired a torpedo and the Wildpeace vessel was hit and suffered massive damage.

Faced with imminent death, Frantz and his team declared their surrender, but the submarine fired a second torpedo. The ship sank, crew and cameras with it. With no proof that Wildpeace had ever been there, the Russians returned to their work.

Frantz was thrown off as the ship exploded around him. He hit the water and tried to stay afloat, but sank immediately. A chain had wrapped itself around his legs, and it was dragging him into the frigid depths. He tried to fight and pry it off, but hypothermia hit him. He was pulled into the abyss, where pain and fear took him as his lungs filled with water.

They say your life flashes before your eyes as you die, but his did not. Why? He wondered. Wasn't my life worth reliving? It was a good life. I did much good, to the people, to the planet. I have lived as I have died. Fighting for what I believed in. Surely it is a life worthy of being viewed again... What am I saying? I am dead. There is nothing to view. Just accept your fate, Frantz. The life you knew is gone.

He felt something beneath his feet. Frantz opened his eyes. He was on the sea floor. Water was around him and above him. Miles of water. But there was no pain. There was no terror. He could breathe. He could move. The chain was still around him, so he grabbed it and pulled. Effortlessly, the chain links broke away, setting him free. That was when he saw his hands. They were not his. They were blue, webbed, and covered with scales, as was his body. He ripped at his clothes and touched his ribs. Jets of water were flowing through him. Where he once had ribs, he now had gills.

He was changed, and no longer Human. He had become a Randomite.

He started to swim. Up, up he went. The darkness soon dissipated and debris from the ship was now visible. Bodies slowly drifted among them. These had not been saved as he had.

He felt the anger rise in him, and he sought out the submarine that had caused the destruction. He found it easily. Its engines echoed under the watery expanse.

He reached it in seconds and pulled off its rudder. He bashed his fists on its hull and tore at its metal skin, giving the ocean a new place to conquer. Then he heard the screams. People were about to die. Justice would be rendered. It was what they deserved, after all.

Frantz could hear the metal structure creaking and snapping. It would be over soon and his teammates would be avenged. But as he saw his hands once more, he asked himself; "Is this what I have become, a monster? Have these changes taken away my Humanity as well? No, I can feel their fear. I can feel their pain. I am still Human, no matter what appearances now show. I will not be the monster, I will be what I always was; the one who cares and protects."

Frantz grabbed the submarine and carried it to the surface. There would be no more deaths this day.

Men watched from the oil platform as a waterspout rose from the sea, a blue creature was riding it. It landed on the platform and ordered the men to leave these waters. But they retaliated with guns. Frantz had his answer, these would not be reasoned with, so he dove beneath the platform and started tearing it apart piece by piece.

No one died from his attack, but the platform and submarine lay dead in the waters. The men would have no choice but to radio for help. In the meantime, Frantz would be waiting and watching. The seas would now be his home and he would continue to protect them.

Within a few weeks, the world soon learned that a Randomite going by the name of Koraal was protecting the oceans.


Speed: Koraal can swim at speeds of around 500 mph but by jetstreaming above the waves, he can reach Mach 1.

Elemental blast: He can release electrical discharges capable of killing or stunning.

Sonic generation: By clicking his tongue, he can release a highly concentrated sonic pulse capable of punching through a brick wall.

Hydrokinesis: Koraal swims by pumping water through his gills. This causes a push, which he calls jetstreaming. He can also jetstream above the waves by drawing water through his gills and pumping it out. Through this technique the water is continuously pumped around his body causing a waterspout which he can ride. The waterspout he creates can keep him afloat or can be directed as a blast.

Enhanced vitals: His body can acclimate to the intense pressure found in the deep oceans by evacuating all the air from his system. He can also function in the coldest of waters.

Heightened senses: His eyes can see in the dark depths and can detect the bioelectrical impulses from moving creatures.

Super strength: At the lowest depths of the ocean, his strength enables him to lift roughly 50 tons, but this does not include the weight of the ocean above him. When he is on land, that strength far exceeds the 500 tons.

Physical resistance: His ability to survive the pressure from the deepest depths of the ocean makes him highly resistant to attacks from conventional weapons of high calibre.

Energy resistance: He is highly resistant to electrical or sonic attacks.

Underwater breathing: He can breathe underwater, whether it be salt water or fresh water.

Appearance: His body is covered in blue scales, and he has gills where his ribs should be. Instead of body hair, he has what looks like algae or coral. 

Paraphernalia: Koraal carries a harpoon through which he can direct his electrical discharges and send them as blasts.

Main antagonist: Abyss Maul


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