Character- Mr Fixx
Mr Fixx

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

Other Pictures: Mr Fixx

Art by: DomesticVamp


© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Theodore (Teddy) Wilson
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 10 inches/6 foot 5 inches
Age: 28

Born in: USA
Occupation: Enforcer/Body guard

Base of operations: Washington D.C., USA
Classification: Randomite

Ethical alliance: Evil


Teddy had been living on the streets for as long as he could remember, which wasn't saying much, since he barely remembered yesterday. His life didn't give him time to consider much. Either he was high or he was out looking for his next fix. It never even dawned on him that he had just spent his last dime on his latest doze, all that matter was that, at the moment, he felt wonderful.

He dropped the needle he had just injected into his arm and stared blissfully at the graffiti marked wall.

Wow! Something was different this time. The world was jumping around, or so it seemed to him. In reality, he was taken by a seizure, but he didn't care. It added to the blissful feeling.

When the seizure stopped, he felt alive and powerful. That was one heck of a trip, he told himself, laughing. But the feeling didn't last long. Soon the craving returned.

"Nooo! Not already. I just took a shot. Gotta get some more."

He stumbled out of the building and fumbled through his pockets for the cash he needed, but found he had none. He doubled over as the pain hit him. It tore at him. He felt his insides burn.

"Need some stuff", he kept mumbling.

He grabbed a passing stranger and asked him for money, but the stranger pushed him away. Teddy grabbed his arm and pulled. The stranger let out a yell as his arm tore from his body.

A group of men rushed to help the injured man and started to hit on Teddy. They were calling him a freak and a junkie.

"Just need a fix!" Teddy kept on saying throughout the beating, but he barely felt anything. He ignored the blows, grabbed the men and crushed their skulls. He, then, picked through their pockets and took their cash.

Teddy wandered through the streets covered in blood. He was calling out to the world, begging them for a fix of heroin.

"Look, I can pay", he kept yelling. "I just need a fix". But people ran away. Even drug dealers hid in the shadows, not wanting to bring attention to themselves.

Then the police came, and the guns came out. He was told to lie down. But Teddy couldn't hear them. The pain in his gut screamed louder. "Neeeed aaaaa fixxx." He kept screaming. 

He was surrounded and taken down. But the pain called out stronger. Teddy got up. The officers kicked and punched to make him go back down, but their effort was in vain. Teddy crushed hands and feet that came too close.

Night sticks rained down on his head, but they were nothing next to the pain inside him.

"Neeed aaa fixxx!" He kept on yelling as he ran through an alley.

He passed a window and got a glimpse of himself. The tall emaciated man that looked back wasn't the one he recognized. "That can't be me! What's happening to me? No, need aaa fixxx! I will think later."

He kept in the alleys, looking for dealers who would take his money. When he saw a street gang hanging out, he headed towards them, showing them his money. "Neeed aaa fixxx! Please."

The gangsters came to him, grabbed his cash and stabbed him. The blades barely nicked his bony frame, and he grabbed his money back, ripping his attackers' hands off in the process. 

He wandered the alleys aimlessly, screaming in agony and killing anyone who got too close. Then, headlights lit up in front of him. Like a moth to a flame, he headed towards them. A man came out of the car and stood there unafraid of the walking disaster. The man called to him.

"I have just what you want" he said, pulling out a gun. He fired, and Teddy stopped his advance, smiling with relief.

The injection gun had done its job. The heroin had been injected and Teddy was now relaxed. His bony frame expanded, and he shrank a few inches. The tall skinny anorexic monstrosity was now a healthy looking man, albeit quite dirty.

The man with the gun introduced himself as Mr Vasili and when he asked Teddy who he was, Teddy replied that he didn't know anymore. He had seen what he had become, and that person was not who he was.

"Then join me, Mr... Fixx? I have need of people like you in my organization."

"You saw what I am. What I can become. When the hunger returns, I may turn on you."

"But you won't, Mr Fixx. If you join me, you will never again be in need of your drugs, for there will always be an abundant supply."

"And what do I need to do in exchange?"

"Just be yourself, Mr Fixx. Be menacing, be fearless, and become my right-hand man. I am an important man, and important men have many enemies. Having someone of your calibre as my bodyguard can only be mutually beneficial. It is time for you to accept what you have become."

Over the next few weeks, Mr Fixx's boss, also known to some as the Mole, started looking for other Randomites to incorporate into his organization. This group was code named Random Might.


Super strength: Mr Fixx's strength varies according to the level of drugs he has in his system. When he is satiated, he is at his weakest and can lift in the vicinity of two tons, but when his drug supply is cut off, his need for a fix drives him to the verge of madness. At his wildest, it is estimated that he may be able to lift as much as twenty tons.

Physical resistance: Mr Fixx has a body denser than most people and has survived a frontal collision with a car, however, bullets can hurt him when he is in "sane" mode. But when he is deprived, the stress and anguish of his need, causes his body to contract, and it becomes denser, thus, increasing his resistance and making bullets bounce off him.

Transform: Mr Fixx normally looks like a heavyweight boxer, but when he is in withdrawal, his body contracts to the point where he looks anorexic, and he also grows a few inches.

Enhanced reflexes: In his transformed state, Mr Fixx reacts with excessive violence and speed.

Weaknesses: The randomite changes in his body have made him highly dependent on his drugs, so much that they are continually being pumped into his system. The moment the flow is stopped, Mr Fixx goes into withdrawal and as minutes pass, he feels the symptoms increasing, eventually driving him mad with pain. 

This weakness, however, renders him stronger.

Paraphernalia: He wears a harness that contains heroin and pumps it directly into his arms.

Role in Random Might organization: Enforcer


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