Team- Ravager's Hounds
Current Members:

PsyLash  Offset  Obsidian  ravager 

Team founder: Ravager

Official squad leader: Various
Known squad leaders: 
Membership: Open to new members

Created by:
 Lawrenz Lano

First appearance:
Scheduled for Gaia Force #10

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Ravager's Hounds are a group of bounty hunters working under the leadership of the mysterious RavagerNo one knows exactly how many members belong to the group, but members are grouped in units of three and four and sent on individual missions. Each unit works as a team, and unit members are only replaced if a member dies.

They are recruited from across the galaxy and given special skills by infusing them with "guardian energy" that was extracted from the guardian Farpoint The extracted energy, however, is not as potent as the one from the original source. Although it does grant various abilities, it does not extend one's life, and rarely imparts infinite stamina. Most often than not, those imbued must rely on their own personal limit. It is also not yet known if the changes it brings in an individual are permanent or temporary.

Furthermore, as it was shown to do in Ravager's case, a normal body will quickly be saturated by repeated doses of guardian energy. Real guardians possess thousands of times that amount within themselves.

Membership requirements: Members are selected by their skills and ruthlessness.

Main antagonists: New Gaia Force


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