Character- PsyLash

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance:
Scheduled for Gaia Force #10

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 © 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Sashee Li 
Hair: None
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 11 inches
Age: Undisclosed

Born on: Beranda IV
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Assassin
Base of operations: E'lah Dominion
Classification: Enhanced Being

Ethical alliance: Evil 


Berandi are natural empaths. They can sense emotions and even influence them in others to some degree. Sashee, however, can do much more since she was imbued with guardian energy.

Sashee was already working as an assassin before Ravager recruited her. He enticed her by offering her the means to increase her power and make her an even more formidable assassin. Sashee accepted the offer, knowing full well that Ravager only picked the best. If he offered her more power, she was not going to pass this up. 

As he had promised, Ravager gave her that power. Sashee took a new name and joined his hounds.

PsyLash became one of Ravager's Hounds' deadliest assassins due to the fact that she could immobilize her targets and then easily finish them off with her blade. She is also a sadistic and very skilled fighter.

PsyLash was eventually given her own squad to lead. 


PsyLash is a telekinetic. She can move objects with her mind.

Empathy:  PsyLash's people are natural empaths. They can sense emotions and even influence them in others to some degree.

Mind blast:  PsyLash can lash out tendrils of kinetic force and pummel her opponents into submission.

Acclimation: The guardian energy also helps her survive in alien environments.

Appearance: PsyLash's psychic tendrils emanate from distinctive marks on her head. When she is not using her powers, her tendrils are not visible, and she looks like any normal Berandi.

After her first encounter with Meridian, Psylash was injured and now has a scar on her face.

Curiosity: Psylash is somewhat mentally unstable and will easily enter fits of rage and excessive violence. Her condition was brought on when her hermaphroditic body became Fem (female), a normal stage of Berandi development. The child she was carrying was stillborn and her unfulfilled pregnancy resulted in traumatic psychological damage.  

Paraphernalia: Psylash carries a long-bladed knife in her boot.


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