UEF Garnaud
UEF Garnaud ­(Canada) 

Type of technology : Reptilian/Earth design ships (Hybrid). Other ships in this category include the UEF Tereshkova (Russia) and the UEF So-Yeon (South Korea)

Other ships in the making

UEF Sally Ride (USA)
Type of technology: undisclosed

UEF Liu Yang (China)
Type of technology: Earth

UEF Bondar (Canada)
Type of technology: Hybrid

 Ship Captains 

UEF Shepard: Captain Robert Harris
UEF Liwei: Captain Ho Shin
UEF Gagarin: Undisclosed
UEF Tereshkova: Captain Ivan Bokaryov
UEF So Yeon: Undisclosed
UEF Garnaud: Undisclosed
UEF Sally Ride: Undisclosed
UEF Liu Yang: Undisclosed
UEF Bondar: Undisclosed


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