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Cardigan is one of Roguestar's best friends. He is a cargo ship pilot who offered to help Roguestar and Meridian seek out the members of Gaia Force. During his journey, Cardigan was given the Warbot armour and joined the New Gaia Force.

First appearance: Return of Gaia Force #1



Carly is a waitress at the Rogues' Café. She is also one of Meridian's closest friends. When Roguestar and Meridian left for their quest, Carly was left in charge of the Rogues' Café. She eventually hired Grinder as a bouncer, and the two began a romantic relationship.

First appearance: Return of Gaia Force #1



Gornak is the captain of Nicci's ship, The Golden Crest. He is the only Gatari in her squad.

First appearance: Return of Gaia Force #5


Koralia was a nahtha who had become a Gatari-in-training. She had been captured by the UEF and had been imprisoned with other Gatari. Nicci had her brought to the UEF Armstrong, where she interrogated her about what she knew of the Gatari threat. Over time, Nicci took a liking to the young Gatari and offered to help save thousands of Nahthas if Koralia offered her help.  

Koralia eventually realized that overthrowing the Gatari Emperor was the only way to save her people. Nicci offered to do the deed herself, but Koralia knew that it would not stop the war. Another would take the Emperor's place and continue what he had started. Koralia knew that if she wanted to end the war for good, she would need to defeat the Emperor herself.

Nicci brought Koralia to the Citadel, where she was instructed by Arkahnus and trained by Renshi, and a few years later, Nicci escorted Koralia to K'orVara'K, where she challenged and defeated the Emperor. 

Koralia became the new Gatari Nak'To, but was soon challenged for the title. Nicci made sure that the number of challenges would be few and far between. She stayed by Koralia's side for years and was given Gatari citizenship. 



Michael is Arkahnus's lover. He died when Q'Aestor destroyed the Citadel, but Arkahnus found a way to bring him back with the use of his Life Almanac

First appearance: Return of Gaia Force #2


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