Character- Yokai

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

Other picture: Yokai full body




© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
A.K.A.: Miko Hanako
Real Name:

Hair: Black (Hanako's hair becomes horns in her demon form)
Eyes: Brown (yellow in demon form)
Height: 5 foot 6 inches (9 foot in demon form)
Age: 23
Born in: Japan

Occupation: Shrine Maiden and Priestess
Base of Operations: Japan
Classification: Enhanced Human

Ethical alliance: Good


Hanako's mother was a Miko, a shrine maiden. For hundreds of years, the Miko were entrusted with the task of keeping watch over a nether portal deep beneath Mount Fuji. The Miko were trained in fighting dark forces through the use of spiritual magics, incantations and potions.

When Hanako was five years old, the Miko were attacked. They fought fiercely and managed to push back the evil within their realm, unfortunately, the effort was so much that all died in the attempt. Hanako, now alone and scared, took over the vigil.

Unknown to her, Gaia had placed her under her protection. She directed her then, weak energies, towards feeding the young girl and diverted a stream so that she could have access to water.

Hanako had not been old enough to learn how to tap the spiritual power within her, but had been taught minor spells and incantations, most of which had proven sufficient in keeping the portal from opening.

Her reading skills had been enough for her to decipher many of the texts in the temple, and over the years, she learned spells and how to concoct various potions.

A few months after the Guardian's departure, the portal was breached and demons made their way into the temple. Hanako used all the knowledge at her disposal and destroyed the first few that came through, but the flood was too much for her to handle alone. Thankfully, help arrived. Avatar Prime showed up with his newly formed Shadow Force, and put an end to the conflict.

With the portal permanently sealed, Hanako had no reason to stay behind and asked Avatar Prime to send her where she could continue to fight that evil. In response, he offered her to join Shadow Force and gave her the means to keep on fighting.


Transform: Yokai can transform into what looks like a 9-foot demon but is one only in appearance. Unlike real demons, her flesh is not tainted.

Super strength: In demon form, she possesses the strength to lift 50 tons.

Holy Touch: She has the ability to inflict instant death to nether-wordly creatures with a simple touch.

Teleportation: She can teleport herself or others. When she uses teleportation, her cranial ridges glow.

Portal creation/sealing: She can open or close dimensional tears.

Magic: She can cast spells and brew various potions.

Natural weapons: Her demon form possesses wings, but they are not for flying. She uses them to stab and slash enemies. She can also wrap them around her body to use as a shield.

Extended lifespan: Her demon form slows down her aging process, but it becomes normal if she reverts to her Human form.


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