Character- Guardian

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy 

First Comic book appearance:
The Return of Gaia Force #1

Other appearances:
Gaia Force #2, #6
A Tale of...#1

Other picture: Guardian

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: The Guardian  (A.K.A. Healer of Worlds)
Hair: Inapplicable
Eyes: Inapplicable 
Height: There is no limit to his size, but when he first appeared, it was estimated at about 3000 meters (around 10000 ft). He has also been seen dwarfing a star.

Age: Unknown

Base of operations: Milky Way Galaxy
Classification: Cosmic Entity

Ethical alliance: Neutral


His true origin is unknown to all. All that is known is that he was first seen on Dec 21st, 2012 and that no other alien race had ever heard of him prior to that.

The Guardian claims that he was brought to Earth after hearing the plea of the planet. As he communicated with its soul, Gaia, he learned that Man had brought her to a state of total despair. Feeling empathy towards her, he proceeded to heal her and gave her the strength to deal with Humanity's betrayal.

In order to protect her, he appointed Avatar Prime as his representative and together, they formed Gaia force and its affiliates.

Their first task had been to exile the alien races that had been working in concert with Man against Gaia. Faced with their power and backed-up by the Guardian's omnipotence, the alien races had no choice but to comply.

The task done, the Guardian eventually left Earth and has not returned since.

Although the Guardian's existence had been a mystery to all, mentions of his presence seemed to mysteriously appear in many ancient texts throughout the Galaxy. This has brought many, including the Anunnaki, to speculate that the Guardian travelled through time and was rewriting galactic history.

Silverlance's discovery that the Guardian had other children among the stars, the planet Neosa being one such place, is giving credence to this claim. Neosa's protectors, The Children of the Guardian, claim that they were chosen over 250 years ago, but Avatar Prime confirmed that Gaia Force was the first to be formed.

The Guardian's present whereabouts are unknown, but Avatar Prime seems to have no problem getting in touch with him. The Guardian was last seen on the planet Abyss. 

As to the Guardian's true purpose, no one is sure. It appears that he may simply be a healer of worlds, as he is also known, though no one really knows who named him so.

It was recently revealed that dozens of races across the galaxy have had members transformed by the Guardian. Aside from Humans, the other races known by name who have had members transformed by the Guardian are the Neosians (Children of the Guardian), the Malekians (The Guard's Sword), the Brahashi, the Aspekols and the Ayadini.


Omnipotence: The Guardian's power is limitless, as his power is that of creation itself. He uses the energy that brought about the Big Bang, also referred to as "guardian energy". This enables him to create, destroy or recreate as he sees fit.

The Anunnaki also alluded to the fact that to fight him would be akin to extinguishing all the stars of the galaxy. The truth, however, is that his power is even greater. In fact, to truly kill the Guardian, you MUST destroy the entire universe.

Omniscience: He possesses immense knowledge transcending multiple dimensions.

Omnipresence: It has been shown that travelling through the Guardian brings him along with you. Although unconfirmed, it is possible that the reason this happens is that the Guardian actually exists in all places at once.

Healing: He has the power to heal dying worlds.

Resuscitation: He has brought people back to life, Night Storm being one such person.

Omnilinguilism: Like all members of Gaia Force, he can communicate with any intelligent life form, as well as communicate with the souls of worlds.

Power endowment: He has endowed the members of Gaia Force with incredible powers by infusing them with "guardian energy". 

Teleportation: He has transported people over vast distances.

Telepathy: He can communicate his thoughts to billions of people.

Terraforming: He has manipulated the gases of an inert system and collapsed them into forming a star system with a planet.

Time travel: We know that he has travelled to Neosa's past, and Avatar Prime confirmed that he has seen the future and the past.

Portal creation: His body can act as a portal to other parts of the galaxy.

Star travel: Can travel the galaxy and beyond.

Replication: He has also been seen creating replicas of himself, known as Guardian Sentries. These survey other parts of the universe and relay the information to the Guardian.

Weaknesses: The Guardian has none in this universe, however, his replicas are not as indestructible, as Q'Aestor managed to kill one by destroying the star that was its anchor.

Appearance: The guardian appears to be composed of space matter and seems to have no tangible form.

He has chosen to use a form fashioned after that of his Prime avatar. Over time, his form has altered somewhat. He now seems to have what looks like hair, possibly a result of his close bond to Avatar Prime.



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