Character- Brawl

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy 

Brawl by John Becaro: Brawl

Brawl by Gilbert Monsanto

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Kariem
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 foot
Age: 31
Nationality: Sudanese
Occupation: International aid worker

Base of operations: Juba, Sudan
Classification: Enhanced Human

Ethical alliance: Good 


Kariem was born during the Sudanese Civil War and by the time he was eight, had witnessed many of the horrors that war could bring, but when his village was raided and his people raped, tortured, dismembered and exterminated, he realized that man was far worse than he had been led to believe.

Although some would think he had been lucky to survive the massacre, Kariem knew better. He had been spared for one reason alone; to be made as evil and cruel has those who had captured him. For weeks, he was beaten and forced to do the most unspeakable things. He was made to murder innocent men, women and children. He could have refused to do it, but it would have been certain death and the outcome would have been no different. Someone else would do the deed.

Kariem never showed pleasure in what he did, unlike many who did. As he pulled his trigger and fell family after family, he offered them a silent prayer, hoping they would hear them as they died, and forgive him for his acts. And maybe they had.

UN forces led an assault and, as bullets and bombs decimated his troops, Brawl just stood there waiting for the inevitable. Finally, the shooting stopped, and he opened his eyes. Decimation was everywhere. Bodies littered the landscape. UN troops approached him and pointed their rifles at his head. But instead of firing, they took him into custody.

Kariem looked at himself. He was covered in blood, but none of it was his. Why was he the only one to survive? He took it as a sign that he had been forgiven and had been baptized in the blood of his enemies. But whether those he had killed had truly forgiven him, it would be some time before he forgave himself. But he would try to make amends.

He eventually joined the police force, hoping to help as many people as he could, but soon realized that the police were not much better than those that had made him a killer. They didn't kill and maim, but the corruption ran deep. Those who should have dispensed justice, more often than not dispensed injustice for a handful of cash.

He resigned from the police force and instead, offered his services to humanitarian organizations. As he helped them rebuild what the war had torn down, he finally saw joy. Children were laughing and playing around him. Adults thanked him for his work and offered him trust and compassion and then he, too, began to smile.

As he moved up in the organization, he heard about injustices still going on. There were kidnappings and the sex trade was becoming an issue. Covert teams were dispatched to take care of the situation, and he asked to become a part of it. 

Then the Guardian came and the world changed. Many conflicts were put aside as Humanity tried to abide by the Guardian's words and those of Gaia. Sudan was no different and justice slowly returned. But after the Guardian left, a new threat arose.

The Guardian's arrival had caused panic among another group thought to be fables until now. Extra-terrestrial races were being hunted down by the Guardian's Gaia Force and their affiliates, and one of those races had made their home amidst the Sudanese population.

The Reptilians had an instrumental role in the civil war. They had been the ones to propagate many of the evils, in the guise of rebel leaders. Kariem's squad stumbled on one such group but the sight of them brought his people to flee. Kariem stayed behind, unwilling to let these monsters get away. Luckily for him, Avatar Prime showed up with his newly formed Prime Force.

After the battle, Avatar Prime offered him the opportunity to join Prime Force. He accepted and took the name Brawl.


Density control: Brawl can control his skin's density by flexing his muscles or tensing up his body. These actions allow the atoms making up his cells to contract thus increasing their packing density.

Super strength: Under maximum tension, Brawl's body becomes so resistant that he is able to lift around 25 tons. He can also hammer a six-inch nail with one punch.
Physical resistance: His skin density can match pretty much any physical force giving him a high resistance to physical attacks making him capable of withstanding most projectile weapon. 

Healing factor: By tensing up, Brawl's skin can close his wounds, thus stopping the bleeding and enabling blood clotting.

Weaknesses: His skin's density is normal under relaxed conditions, making him vulnerable to injuries. That is the reason he wears a protective vest.

Paraphernalia: Brawl's golden knuckle is more a fashion statement than a weapon.


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