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A.K.A.: Children of The People
Type: Hybrid extra-terrestrial

Place of origin: Pal’lasha. Although Pal’lasha is a very hostile world, Se’lah has made it the home of his new hybrid race.

The Chaeh'lah came about from their progenitor, Se'lah, a perfect hybrid of Human and E'lah. Se'lah learned that he could mate with either race and produce offspring who can appear totally Human or totally E'lah. The most part, however, are visibly hybrid and are shunned by E'lah and Humans, but Se'lah has given them legitimate status as a new race who is now thriving in the E'lah Dominion.

 In general, Chaeh'lah do not possess mental abilities comparable to the E'lah. Those that do, have them to a lesser degree. Chaeh'lah are closer to Humans in terms of emotional development and share many of their societal values. 

Sexuality: Chaeh'lah are a two sexed species, males and females. They are able to conceive children with Humans and E'lah since they possess a shared biology.

Known Chaeh'lah: Se'lah, Esperanza. Also, Humans settled on the Earth colonies are considered Chaeh'lah, as they possess a hybrid genetic constitution. After Gaia punished Humanity, Humans lost their ability to procreate. Only through E'lah intervention did they manage to survive. By combining Human and E'lah genes, the species flourished. The Humans who inhabit the colonies are descendants of those hybrid children. 

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy  

First visual appearance: The Return of Gaia Force #3



Type: Extra-terrestrial

Place of origin: Irrilani B

Long ago, Irrilians were a form of energy vampires, feeding off the energy of others. They have now evolved beyond the need to feed in this way, but they still possess an affinity for detecting various forms of energy. Irrilians are often found working in security and the sciences, where their talents are essential. Some Irrilians, however, do sell their talent for more nefarious reasons and in certain cases still feed on others.

Abilities: They are energy sensitives, capable of detecting or draining various forms of energy from living beings. 

Sexuality: Irrilians are a two sexed species, male and female, that reproduces through external fertilization. During the time of mating, groups of Irrilians congregate in communal pools or lakes, where they engage in a type of sexual orgy. The fertilized eggs remain in these watery enclosures until they emerge. They are not sexually compatible with Humans. 

First appearance: The Return of Gaia Force #3


A.K.A.: Space Squids

Type: Extra-terrestrial

Place of origin: Alternate universe (Universe A9987)

The Qalmeri come from the same universe as that of the Anunnaki and the Sheeran. They are essentially protectors of worlds as they feed on the lifeforce of those worlds' inhabitants. When a world's population threatens a world's survival, the Qalmeri seek it out to restore balance by destroying the life on these worlds.

The Qalmeri look like giant space squids, where each tentacle can sprout hundreds of smaller ones.
Abilities: They generate an energy field around them that heals them from virtually any attack. They can send out a dust cloud that blocks certain psionic abilities, like Night Storm’s intangibility. Their tentacles secrete a substance that spreads and encases their victim in a cocoon. They feed by draining energy (foodstuff) from living things, but have a particular preference for sentient beings.
Weaknesses: Physical attacks only. Energy attacks will feed it.

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy


Type: Extra-terrestrial/Nether-dimensional

Place of origin: Undisclosed

Reptilians have lived on Earth for hundreds of years before they were banished by the Guardian. They were responsible for many of the atrocities committed throughout Human history and the cause of many wars.

 Not much has been revealed about the Reptilians but because they delve in blood sacrifices, some have speculated that they may originally be of nether-dimensional origin. They possess the strength of three strong men. They also have advanced technology. 

Sexuality: Not much is known about their sexuality, but it is rumoured that males can have offspring with many species, enforcing the notion that they may be arcane in nature, allowing them to bypass certain laws of biology and physics. They have been known to conceive children with Humans, however, these can only be carried to terms by Human mothers since Reptillians females can only lay eggs.

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy


Type : Extra-terrestrial

Place of Origin: Undisclosed

Taralians are a hunter race that have had dealings with the
 E'lah. Their world is rich in various elements which the E'lah have need of. When the E'lah took up residence on their world, they soon found out how dangerous these beings were. These may have lacked space faring capabilities, but their skills in setting traps, hunting and guerrilla warfare tactics managed to keep the E'lah at bay. The arboreal and cavernous terrain of their world has also been instrumental in their survival.

First appearance: Mentioned in Novel Grey Legacy


Type: Extra-terrestrial

Place of Origin: Undisclosed

The Durians have been at war with the
 E'lah for some time, but in recent years, the two races have kept out of each other's territories. The war between these two races lasted for years, during which, the Durians got a taste for E'lah flesh. What had begun as a battle for territory had turned into a hunt for the Durians. With no hope of reaching a consensus between the two races, the E'lah gave up their claim on their world.

First appearance: Mentioned in Novel Grey Legacy


Type: Extra-dimensional

Place of Origin: Undisclosed

Kadelans are creatures that often venture through breaches. They are so alien to Earth that they are toxic to the environment and when their bodies decompose, they render the soil infertile. It is very difficult to dispose of their bodies because letting them rot or burying them infects the soil and the damage spreads over time. Even burning them is no better because the fumes are toxic and very harmful.

First appearance: Upcoming Novel War Legacy 


Type: Human offshoot race

Place of Origin: Alternate universe (Universe A9987)

The Sheeran are thought to be an alternate's realm's evolution of man. Their appearance is almost totally human-like, with two notable exceptions; they lack body hair and their skin is red. Although Roguestar has hypothesized that they may be the result of having evolved from another one of man's early ancestors, possibly Neanderthals, that remains to be confirmed.

Their world orbits a red giant star, which again, Roguestar believes is an alternate version of Sol.

The Sheeran's homeworld is entirely covered in cities, and they have an advanced technology. Their greatest threat comes from the Qalmeri who orbit their world and feed on their world's living lifeforce. The other is the imminent death of their star.

Sexuality: The Sheeran are a two sexed species, males and females. Although they come from a different universe, it is highly likely that they could procreate with Humans, as they both seem to share an evolutionary link. Like Humans, they are viviparous.

First appearance: Upcoming Novel War Legacy 


Type: Nether-dimensional

Place of origin: Hell dimension and various nether dimensions


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