Character- Challenger

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First Comic book appearance:

(Brief appearance)
Braal getting defeated
by the Pulveriser
Other pictures: Art by Suluh Radityo

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Braal 
Hair: None
Eyes: Red
Height: 8 feet

Age: 75

Base of operations: Milky Way Galaxy
Classification: Enhanced Being

Ethical alliance: Neutral


Sentry 101 was intrigued when watching the Pan Stellar tournament that he decided he wanted to create his own version of it. The Pan Stellar pitted contestants from all over the quadrant, but only those who registered and knew of the tournament could participate. Furthermore, the rules of the Pan Stellar prohibited the use of abilities other than physical strength. Sentry 101 wanted to expand on that by pitting any powerful individual from all over the galaxy, but in order to recruit these potential fighters, he would need a recruiter to seek them out.

He would have chosen the current champion, the Pulveriser, but Sentry 101 knew that he was also Farpoint, created by the Guardian himself. He would not take one of the Guardian's champions for his own. Instead, he chose the one Farpoint had defeated, an imposing Shandoran known as Braal.

Braal liked fighting. In fact, he often boasted that he was undefeatable, and when he found out about the Pan Stellar tournament, he couldn't pass it up. He had told everyone he knew that he would be the next champion, unfortunately for him, he would never be. The Pulveriser had easily humiliated him.

But Braal's luck was about to change. After that humiliating defeat, Sentry 101 chose him as his champion. Braal may have lacked the necessary skills to be his recruiter, but Sentry 101 enhanced him for the task and sent him in search of potential fighters.

Under the name Challenger, he is to seek out and challenge worthy fighters and bring the winners to the Galactic Battleground, where they will fight to determine which individual is the most powerful in the galaxy.

Ironically, Challenger must find opponents capable of defeating him. So while he rejoices in having been given more power than he ever had, he also knows that he will eventually be defeated.


Super strength: Challenger's strength has been established at 500 tons of lift. This makes him a powerful adversary, but not unbeatable.

Star travel: He has been given the ability to star hop from star to star.

Star hopping: Similar to folding space, Challenger can use this ability to breach interstellar distances. By slingshotting around a star, he can open a warp point to travel to another star.

Flight: Challenger can fly at 0.1 light speed.

Energy and physical resistance: His body has been enhanced to resist high levels of energy and a moderate physical resistance to high impact from potential fighters.

Omnilinguilism: He can communicate with any intelligent life form through guardian speech.

Weaknesses: Challenger is not invincible and can be hurt if the attacker is more powerful. 

Appearance: What appears to be a helmet with horns is, in actuality, bone. Shandorans are often referred to as "bone heads", unlike them, however, Challenger also has an external bony spine, bony shoulders and bone wrists.

Paraphernalia: Challenger carries 
small energy globes that create pocket dimensions, within which he can store his potential fighters. 



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