Character- Guardian Sentry
Guardian Sentry

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy 

Other sentry: guardian sentry

First Comic book appearance
(Sentry 255):

The Return of Gaia Force #3


© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Sentry ###
Hair: Inapplicable
Eyes: Inapplicable 
Height: There seem to be no limit to their size. When they first appeared, it was estimated at about 3000 meters (around 10000 ft). The true Guardian, however, has also been seen dwarfing a star. Whether the sentries can attain that size remains to be seen.
Age: Unknown

Base of operations: Various sectors of the Milky Way Galaxy
Classification: Cosmic Entity

Ethical alliance: Neutral


Guardian Sentries are avatars created by the Guardian. These are usually used in order to complement the Guardian's understanding of the universe. Each Sentry is given a specific task to accomplish, but to any outside observer, these appear as grandiose and powerful as the true Guardian, virtually impossible to tell them apart, and because they are connected to the true Guardian, they can also access all that he knows.

The first Guardian Sentries were seen on Earth in the year 2012, when the Guardian used them to clean the planet. Subsequent Sentries were created in order to monitor various areas of the galaxy and relay the information back to the true Guardian.

These sentries are created from the universe itself and anchored to stars. As long as the star remains, the sentry will exist, but once the star is destroyed, the sentry returns to he who created him. Q'Aestor managed to kill Sentry 255 by destroying its anchor-star with a singularity.

Sentries are named in the order of their creation, as to how many there are, the Guardian did mention that he has hundreds in this galaxy.

Sentry 101 can be found at the junction of E'lah and Anunnaki space. Having heard about the Pan Stellar Tournaments, he decided to create his own version of it, The 
Galactic Battleground. Unlike the Pan Stellar, which only values physical strength, the Galactic Battleground will have no such limitations, in order to determine who is the most powerful being in the galaxy. 

Sentry 101 terraformed one of his worlds to be its arena. The world's gravity is 3Gs, but has been modified to adapt to each individual, allowing beings from 5G worlds to compete with those of 1G worlds on an equal footing. The modified gravity has no affect on the beings' stats.

Sentry 101 also created a recruiter, the Challenger, to bring fighters to this event from every populated world in the galaxy. 


Omnipotence: The Sentries' power seems limitless to ordinary beings, but it does not compare to the true Guardian.

Omniscience: Although they possess immense knowledge transcending multiple dimensions, their purpose is to collect more, primarily about those who inhabit the universe.

Omnipresence: It has been shown that travelling through the Guardian or his sentries, bring them along with you. Although unconfirmed, it is possible that the reason this happens is that the Guardian or Sentry actually exists in all places he surveys.

Healing: They can heal normal beings, but are limited in their ability to heal worlds, unlike the true Guardian.

Resuscitation: They can bring people back to life.

Omnilinguilism: They can communicate with any intelligent life form, as well as communicate with the souls of worlds.

Power endowment: They can endow incredible powers to individuals by infusing them with "guardian energy". 

Teleportation: They can transport over vast distances, but only within the space from which they were created.

Telepathy: They can communicate their thoughts to billions of people.

Terraforming: The Sentries have the ability to affect the landscape of worlds, but not their star.

Portal creation: Their body can act as a portal to other parts of the galaxy, although it is more limited. In order to send others beyond their reach, they can connect to other Sentries.

Star travel: They can travel the galaxy, although again, within established boundaries.

Time travel: Like the Guardian, sentries can travel to the past of the worlds they survey.

Weaknesses: They can be "killed" by destroying the star that is their anchor.



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