Character- Direwolf

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance:

Other picture: Direwolf

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: John Little Rock
Hair: Black/Grey 
Eyes: Brown/Yellow
 5 foot 11 inches/7 foot
Born in: Canada (Iroquois native)
Occupation: Forest Ranger

Base of operations: Yukon, Canada
Classification: Enhanced Human/Animal hybrid

Ethical alliance: Good


John Little Rock never cared much for the modern world. He had been raised by his grandparents, and they had instilled in him from an early age what it meant to be Iroquois. They had taught him about survival, tradition and their bond to nature, but what John craved the most was to hear the stories and legends of his people.

By the time he was fifteen, his grandparents told him that they had no more stories to tell him but that if he wanted to learn more about his people, he should journey throughout the land and meet them. John did just that, and left the Mohawk village where he was raised and went in search of the other Iroquois tribes.

He met many of his people, but also many from other tribes. It mattered not if they were Cree, Algonquin, Mi'kmaw or Huron, they welcomed him and shared their own stories. And after having travelled most of Canada by foot, John eventually settled in the Yukon.

There he met an old Shaman who claimed he had found the resting place of a Wolf God. He had been keeping watch over it for most of his life, but now his life was coming to its end. The Shaman claimed the Wolf God had spoken to him and had brought John here to take over the vigil.

John wasn't sure he believed the old man's story, but he agreed to assume the watch when he would be gone. He had seen enough of the world and was ready to settle down, anyway. If the Wolf God was really here, then so much the better, if it was simply a fable, then the surrounding wilderness would more than make up for it.

For the next two years, the Shaman taught him many things. He taught him how to sing and dance, and how to talk to the spirits. He also taught him how to make medicinal remedies which, the Shaman needed to use more and more often, but ultimately, the remedies had no more effect and the Shaman died. John buried him near the Wolf God's mound.

John spent most of his time hunting and talking to the land, the trees, the animals. He sang to the gods and spoke to his ancestors, though none ever talked back. But one day, a voice did answer. A great being appeared above the sky. The being had spoken to the world and had healed it and cleansed it. The Guardian had been his name.

John had watched in awe and in fear as he came to the realization that gods were real. But when the Guardian had left, the only god around was the Wolf God, so John resumed his vigil.

A few months later, a woman in green managed to get close to him without making a sound. It was as though she walked on the wind. She called herself Caregiver and claimed she was the voice of the world, the voice of Gaia. Caregiver said she had sought him out because she wanted him to become Gaia's protector.

John said he was already guarding a Wolf God. Caregiver simply smiled and moved to the mound. She told him that a wolf was indeed buried there, but it was no god. It was the last of the great wolves, a Canis Dirus, also called by some dire wolves. The species was long thought to be extinct, but it had managed to survive longer than anyone had thought. Unfortunately, this one had been the last.

Caregiver waved her hand over the mound and roots sprung, upholding an item. She gave it to John and told him that in a few days, a being would come to see him. If John agreed to become Gaia's protector, he would need to give the item to the stranger.

"Gaia is counting on you." Caregiver said as she left.

Two days later, not one but two strangers came. One was a black man, but the other was blue of skin. The blue man came to him and stood there waiting. John took the item Caregiver had uprooted and gave it to the blue man. The blue man took it. It was a tooth. A dire wolf tooth.

As he closed his fist around it, light flared within his hand and when he opened it, the tooth had been turned into a necklace which the blue being placed around John's neck. The blue man smiled and turned to the black man.

"Show him, Panther!", the blue man said.

The black man touched his own necklace and his body changed. He was a man no more, but a panther being.

John touched his own necklace and felt a power in him. He, too, changed. He was no longer a man. The Wolf God was now a part of him. He was Direwolf.


Super strength: 5 tons of lift.

With his amulet, Direwolf takes on lupine characteristics.

Enhanced vitals: In wolf form, Direwolf increases in size, strength and agility.

Heightened senses: Possesses improved sight, taste, smell and hearing.

Animal attributes: Possesses claws and lupine physical characteristics. He also sports a shaggy mane.

Animal abilities: Like wolves, Direwolf can track prey with his heightened senses.

Paraphernalia: An amulet made from the tooth of a Canis Dirus provides his change. All amulets enable the wearer to communicate with his fellow teammates, most of whom speak different languages.

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