Character- Jihad

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: None yet

Other picture: Jihad

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Layla Hamidi
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 6 inches
Age: 16
Nationality: Iranian

Occupation: Novice female monastic (Monk novice)
Base of operations: Lhasa, Tibet
Classification: Human

Ethical alliance: Good


Layla was trained as a Kunoichi (female ninja) in Iran. Along with her sisters-in-arms, she believed their goal to be that of helping their country in times of war. However, it was not so. They were not being trained to help their country. They were being trained to bring a war to their country's door.

Her instructors had many secrets and the first they revealed was that 
they were working for the terrorist organization, Al Qaeda. Her instructors claimed that they were not only fighting for the good of Iran but for the good of all Muslims. And it wasn't long after that reveal that the lessons turned to propaganda to the cause.

Had they wanted to, Layla and her sisters could have fought their way out of the camps. They were well-trained and together could easily have overpowered the guards, but many were swayed into believing this new cause, and Layla, feeling the pressure from her sisters, started to believe it as well.

She was sixteen when she was sent on her first mission. The preparations had been extensive, and her instructors had put great stress on the importance of the mission. They were to infiltrate the US embassy in Baghdad and set off an explosive device in its basement. They said that Iraq had become a puppet of the Great Satan and this terror act would give them the power to destroy him once and for all. 

That fateful night, Layla and her squad infiltrated the Embassy. She was tasked with assisting in the transportation of the explosive device while her sisters dispatched any opposition, but when she reached the basement, US soldiers ambushed them. Layla took her katana and stabbed the soldier in her path. The soldier was pushed back with the force of the blow but managed to evade the fatal stab. His layer of Kevlar had stopped the sword from going any deeper. He had dropped his weapon and as he tried to retrieve it, Layla was on him, her sword aimed at his throat.

As she looked into the eyes of this follower of the Great Satan, she had thought to see evil pouring out of him, but all she could see was a young man in fear. He was just a boy, a few years older than she was. Where was the horror she had been taught to fear? Shouldn't the Great Satan have demons as followers? This boy was no demon; he was just a soldier, as she was. He fought to protect his people, as she was. Was his mission any different from hers?

Layla's distraction was enough for the young soldier to attempt to reach his weapon. She had hesitated, and it had almost proven fatal for her, but her reflexes were quicker. She stabbed the arm. He won't be able to use his weapon now, she thought as she ran to join her team.

Then, the explosion shook the building. Her sisters had reached their destination and had set off their bomb. Another soldier was in her path. Layla ran at him as his bullets flew past her. The falling debris and dust made her hard to track, so she did not hesitate. She slid on the ground and reached him. With her sword, she slashed his leg. The soldier fell and Layla continued on.

An inhuman sound filled the air and Layla froze. It became louder and seemed to get closer. An unholy chill began to grip her. She turned to run away, but someone blocked her path. Surely this blue man before her was a demon from the Great Satan, she thought. She took her sword and rushed to him. There was no hesitation this time. This being was not human. She could kill him. She slashed at his head and her blade broke.

"I can see that when it comes to killing, you can be proficient. Why then did you spare these soldiers?"

Layla took out the two sais she carried on her back and positioned herself for a second attack.

"I was trained to kill servants of the Great Satan." Layla said. "You are not human, so you must be a demon. You, I will not hesitate to kill."

Layla lunged at the blue being and her sais aimed for his heart and liver. They never reached it. The blue being moved at blurring speed and grabbed each sai from her hands.

The inhuman sound resounded again and Layla stiffened once more.

The blue being spoke. "If you wish to fight evil, then I will show you true evil." He pointed to four beings standing behind her. "Follow them."

Layla turned around and saw a woman wielding an axe, a monk holding a horn and two cloaked beings who moved through the walls.

"I will not follow demons." Layla said. 

"They are not demons. They are demon hunters like you wish to be. Follow them and learn the truth about your masters."

The blue being blocked the way out, so Layla had no choice but to follow the four. They reached the spot where the explosion had been set, and two of her instructors were there in front of a shimmering curtain. When her instructors saw her, they smiled and pointed to the curtain. "Now that we have opened the way, our war can truly begin." And as they hissed in unison, they revealed their true appearance.

The blue being was behind her. "You wanted to fight demons, well here they are. Technically, these are Reptilians, an extra-terrestrial race of blood and demon worshippers. But those behind the shimmering portal, they are the ones you seek."

The portal erupted and dozens of demons started to emerge from it. 

The blue being spoke again, "Your war is not with those who live among us, but with those who dwell here, in the bowels of the earth itself."

The blue being took the broken katana and reformed it. He gave it to one of his acolytes.

"Wraith, she will need a weapon worthy of the task at hand."

Wraith took the weapon and held it in his hand. It started to glow a bright white. The creatures who had emerged from the portal shielded their eyes at the intensity of the glow.

Wraith handed the sword back. "It is done. Avatar Prime. But, the effects will be short-lived. You should have imbued it yourself, permanently."

"I have my reasons."

Avatar Prime held out his hands. In one hand, he held Layla's blade. In the other, a horse figurine attached to a necklace. "You wanted a Holy War, here it is before you. If you truly wish to fight it, then join our Shadow Force. Take this sword and talisman. One will drive you into battle. The other you will wield.  Become that war, Layla. Become Jihad."

The influx of demons was increasing and the team of demon slayers was already engaging the enemy. Layla did not hesitate. She took the blade and as she touched the horse talisman, the figurine grew. The black stallion stood alive and waiting.  Layla mounted the beast and rode him into battle. 

Although Layla had fought alongside those she had been taught to hate, when the battle ended, she retreated away from everyone as her paranoia towards them returned. She found it difficult to let her guard down around them, and Avatar Prime had known that it would be so for some time. Brainwashing was not easy to escape, but if she was to work with Shadow Force, she would need to overcome these feelings.

Avatar Prime had decided that in order for Layla to be truly free of her past, she would need new guidance, and it would need to come from someone Layla would come to trust. White Monk was the only one capable of the task. He was the closest thing to a holy man, someone Layla could come to respect.

Layla journeyed back to Tibet with him, where she began to restore herself through meditations and spiritual studies.


Summoning: Jihad can summon an indestructible black stallion. The stallion cannot be killed, since it is not really alive. It wears horseshoes imbued with Holy light.

Enhanced vitals: Jihad's training has maximized her endurance, stamina and reflexes. She is also adept at stealthy reconnaissance.  

Martial arts: She has been trained in the Ninja arts and is an expert assassin.

Paraphernalia: Jihad's main weapon is a katana that White Monk or Wraith can imbue with Holy light. She also carries two sais as back up, but rarely uses them. Their only purpose is in the event that her sword loses its Holy power in the middle of a fight.

She carries a horse figurine that she can summon to life. 

Weaknesses: All Holy weapons need to be recharged after a time. They eventually lose their effectiveness, as the nether energies they slice also retaliate and eventually corrupt their Holy energy.


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