Character- Wraith

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: None yet.

Other picture: Wraith 

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Kade Finley
A.K.A.: The White Reaper

Hair: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown
5 foot 11 inches
Age: 25
Born in: Scotland

Occupation: Caretaker of Varrich Castle
Base of operations: Scotland, U.K.
Classification: Enhanced Human

Ethical alliance: Good


Kade was nine when he learned that monsters were real. His mother was a historian, and she had brought her children with her as she visited ancient castles in the Scottish Highlands. These outings were meant to be entertaining as well as educational, and she told her children the tales and legends of the places they visited. The Baobhan Sith, one of the oldest forms of vampires, were rumoured to have once live in Scotland. That night, however, Kade, his sister and his mother learned that they still did.

They were driving through the Highlands when their car broke down. Stranded and with no way to call for help, they started walking down the road looking for a place where they could call for assistance. The only building in sight was the ruins of Varrich Castle, so they headed for it. When they reached it, night had fallen and the children were getting tired, but seeing a light by the ruins, they pressed on.

Kade was the first to hear the sounds. At first, they seemed to be no more than whispers, but they soon became voices. His mother stopped in her tracks as she also heard them. She looked around nervously, grabbed both children and started running. The castle was a few hundred meters away when the voices became clear.

"Get the females first. They will add to our pack. Keep the boy for dessert." They laughed as they took form around them.

Kade saw them. The three women wore long dresses, but Kade could see that their feet were cloven hooves. He had expected to see fangs, but these had none. Instead, they had long, sharp fingernails.

His mother shielded her children with her body when one of the females lunged at her.

"Run!" She cried to her children. The woman landed on his mother and started ripping her flesh. As her blood started to flow, she lapped up the blood with her tongue. The second vampire joined her.

Kade started to run, pulling his sister along, but the third vampire grabbed her from his grip. His sister screamed as the third vampire used her fingernail to slit her throat. Kade watched in horror as she sucked on his dying sister's neck.

He was almost at the castle front when the second vampire grabbed him. Her mouth was stained in blood. His mother's blood.

"Where do you think you're going?" She asked. "Didn't you hear us? You're supposed to be dessert."

As the vampire raised her claw to slay him, her head disappeared. Her body disintegrated before she could fall on him. 

Standing over him, a man wielding a scythe asked him. "Are ye able to walk, laddie? Then git in the castle noo! I'll deal with these clarty hoores."

Kade ran through the ruins and saw a staircase leading deep below the ruins. He stood by and watched as the old man took down the other two vampires. He then stood over the bodies of Kade's mother and sister and plunged the blade of his scythe through their heart.

Kade screamed at the sight.

The old man came to him and said. "I know how ye feel, lad. But these be ded already. My scythe is bathed in holy water. That's how I killed them vampires. But on regular folks, it purifies their bodies, so they don't turn. Ye get it?"

Kade nodded understanding. His mother had told him the stories of vampires turning others into becoming like them. He understood why the old man had done as he had. 

"The morn, we gaun let the police know what happened. I dinna ken what'll happen to ye, but I guess they'll be placing ye with family. Ye got some family other out there?"

Kade just nodded through the tears. He followed the man who had opened a staircase leading beneath the ruins. It was there that the man lived, and unknown to most, the lower sections were where the true castle lay. The man claimed it went deep underground and led to many caves as well.

The next day, the police showed up and talked to the old man. From what Kade had witnessed, the police had not been surprised to learn what had happened. It seemed the knowledge that vampires were real was no news to the locals. Kade was sent to live with his grandmother, but he never forgot what he had witnessed.

When he turned 16, Kade went back to the castle to see if the old man was still around. He was, and he recognized Kade instantly.

"I thought I'd be seeing ye again, lad. Pretty sure I know the reason, too."

Kade told him he wanted to know all there was to know about fighting vampires. He said he wanted to hunt them all down and if the old man didn't help him, he would do so alone.

The old man agreed to teach him all he knew and after a few years of training and research, Kade was ready to begin his hunt. Taking on the mantle of "The White Reaper", he hunted vampires all over Scotland. His name became known and feared among the vampire circles.

One night, he was tracking a nest of vampires who had managed to open a portal to a nether dimension. When the vampires saw him, they fled knowing of his reputation for dispensing justice, but the demons that came out of the portal did not. Kade rushed in and started swinging his scythe in the lot. 

As he swung his scythe, he squeezed out holy water through its blade, but the holy water had little effect against these demons. It annoyed them at best. Kade saw that this fight was going to be very different. He would need to hack these demons to pieces to take them down, but there were many.

That is when Avatar Prime and his Shadow Force showed up to even the odds. After the battle, Kade was recruited and his skills were expanded so that he could deal with all sorts of nether threats. He renamed himself Wraith, but vampires still call him by his former name.


Intangibility: Can make his body ghost-like by shifting part of his being into the ethereal dimension. By doing so, he no longer exists in three dimensions but four. In this form, he can fight ghostly entities on an equal footing.

Holy touch: He can inflict lethal damage to nether-wordly creatures with a simple touch.

Floating: Can let his intangible body travel with the power of his will. Wraith's flying does not get influenced by physical forces like wind and gravity.

Cross-dimensional travel: Wraith can access the ghostly realm.

Psychic strength: His psychic strength enables him to shift effortlessly between phases, which allows him to interact with the tangible as well as the intangible.

Although his psychic strength is stronger than most humans, Wraith has no telekinetic or telepathic abilities.

Paraphernalia: Carries a scythe bathed in Holy light. Unlike Dark Slayer and Jihad who need White Monk to recharge their weapons, Wraith's scythe is always charged as it draws its power from his Holy touch.

Main antagonist: Aradia   


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