Character- Mea Corpus
Mea Corpus

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

Mea Corpus by Gilbert Monsanto
First appearance:
The Unconventionals #6 


© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Meaghan Corpus
A.K.A.: Jacqueline Valk, Grand Maester

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 4 feet
Age: 35 in 2012

Born in: Canada
President of Valk Exports/Grand Maester of the Guild
Base of operations:  Montreal, Canada/Aman' Terot
Classification: Randomite

Ethical alliance: Evil


Life had not been easy for Meaghan. She had been born with dwarfism, and her condition had given her its share of challenges. She had faced the laughs, the ridicules and the cruel jokes, but she had developed a tough skin over the years and had managed to move up the corporate ladder.

She was a smart woman and thankfully, she was pretty. These were her two major attributes as far as she was concerned. Her brains had helped her get ahead in life, while her looks had enabled her to collect valuable information against many highly placed officials.

She still couldn't believe how many closet pedophiles hid among the elites. How many times she had been asked to play their pervert games. To dress up in children's clothes for their benefit. But she had played their games and through them, she had acquired leverage which she had used to better her position.

She had climbed the ladder and had become Vice President of Valk Exports, but the last few months, things had changed. The president had retired, and his position had been filled by his daughter, Jacqueline, and she was a bitch.

Jacqueline had no love for her diminutive VP, and made sure to let her know it. Meaghan found it almost impossible to do her job without hearing at least one dwarf remark per day, but she persevered, much to Jacqueline's annoyance. 

So Jacqueline decided it was time to get rid of her aid and had her fired. Meaghan argued that she had no right, but Jacqueline had anticipated her refusal and had taken steps to get rid of her once and for all. Meaghan was grabbed by Jacqueline's men and led out of the building through a secret elevator. No one would know what had happened to her.

But Meaghan's ordeal was just beginning. The two men had taken her to a secluded area where they intended to dispose of her, but before they did so, they decided to have their way with her.

Meaghan tried to resist but was no match for the strong men. And as they took turns with her, she started convulsing, but the men didn't stop. They just laughed, at least for a while. Then they screamed.

Meaghan pushed off the one that was on top of her. He rolled to the side, his body covered in blood. His chest was missing and Meaghan was holding the rib cage in her hands. 

When the other man saw this, he started running, but Meaghan grabbed him and pulled out his spine. He collapsed.

Meaghan looked at her hands. They were not hands anymore but some form of tentacles. As she approached the spineless body, the smell of it enticed her, and she crawled into his back and lay there content. She felt at peace, but she knew she had to leave before someone noticed what had happened.

Meaghan got up and made her way home. She closed her door and went to the bathroom to clean up. She gasped. The face in the mirror made her jump. It was the man whose spine she had ripped out. She pushed away and fell to the floor. The man's body followed. He lay on the floor, a large hole in his back. Somehow, Meaghan had crawled inside him and had used him to bring her home. 

Meaghan realized what had happened to her. Her body had changed, and she had become a Randomite. Of all the things nature could have turned her into, it seemed that it had chosen the worst. She had become some sort of parasite. Well, parasite or not, she would make the best of her newfound ability.

In the days that followed, she stalked Jacqueline to her residence and confronted her one last time.

Jacqueline had just gotten out of the shower when she saw the monstrosity that was Meaghan, blocking the way out of the bathroom.

"Didn't think you'd see me again, now, did you?" Meaghan said to her bewildered boss.

"Meaghan? It can't be. What has happened to you?" 

"Oh, that? Call it a side effect of you trying to murder me. But don't worry, I don't plan on going to the police. Instead, I plan on getting even. You wanted me dead, well no such luck, but now it's only fair that I retaliate."

"Stay away from me. What do you want, money?" Jacqueline offered.

"Yes, I do. But I also want so much more. I want all that you have. I want your life, your body."

"My body? Are you mad?"

Meaghan sent out her tentacles and grabbed the frightened woman.

"On the contrary, I am quite sane, though I do admit that my actions must seem insane to you, but I only do what nature intended me to do."

Meaghan threw Jacqueline to the floor. Jacqueline tried to crawl away but felt Meaghan jump on her back. Her sticky tentacles held her down.

"I will become you in every aspect of your life," Meaghan said, "and you will become my body...Mea Corpus."

Jacqueline screamed as Mea's tentacles entered her backside. Mea gripped her spine, ripped it out and threw it away. Jacqueline stopped screaming. She stopped struggling.

Mea crawled inside her former boss. It felt warm and quite at home. Her tentacles found the ruptured ends of Jacqueline's nervous system and latched onto them, restoring the connection. Mea was now in control of the body.

She then stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. She would need to get used to that face. The face that had tormented her for months. But she would endure. Jacqueline was a powerful woman, and now so was she. As long as she didn't wear a backless dress, no one would know that she wasn't the real President of Valk Industries.

But somehow, news got out.

A man called Vasili came to see her. He said that he knew what she was, and he wanted to form an alliance with her. He wanted her to use the resources of Valk Industries to move certain products all over the world. He told her that by joining him, her profits would more than triple, and all that he wanted in return was a certain percentage.

Mea negotiated under the Jacqueline persona and eventually agreed to join his organization, the Random Might

Some 400 years in the future, we find out that Mea is still alive. She is the head of the organization known as the
Gamblers' Guild, and she still uses clones of her Jacqueline persona.


Symbiotic: Mea can inhabit the bodies she acquires permanently. Once she is linked to them, she has access to the host's memories and knowledge. She does not always need to rip out her victim's spine to connect to their nervous system, but she does need to puncture their back to gain access.  
Possession: Mea has the ability to take over the body of virtually anyone, and she can control it as though it were her own. 

Substance secretion: Once her bodies have been acquired, Mea releases a substance within them that stops the bleeding, keeps the flesh alive and prevents it from decomposing. This substance also has healing properties, and wounds inflicted to "temporary" hosts heal quickly.

Elasticity: Mea's small frame can adapt to fit the small space within the bodies' torso. Similar to an octopus, her body is so malleable that she can fit in places no one can. When Mea controls a body externally, she wraps herself around her victim almost like a second skin.

Natural weapon: Mea's hands and feet have become whip-like appendages strong enough to rip a person's rib cage off or pull out their spine. Their main purpose, however, is to anchor her to her host's neural system, through which she controls the body.

Extended life span: Mea has managed to live more than 400 years. This is due to the fact that while she inhabits a host, her original body goes into hibernation and ages slowly.

Appearance: Meaghan's transformation resulted in a near total hair loss. Only some vestiges remain on her head.

Limitations: Mea cannot keep male bodies for longer than a day. She believes that the low level of estrogen within them is the reason.

Curiosities: Mea keeps three bodies on a permanent basis. Jacqueline enables her access to her fortune and to the corporate world. Bev was a homeless person and helps her easily blend into the common world, and Tasha, a computer genius, gives her access to the virtual world.

When Mea is connected to her hosts, she can access all their skills and memories. As for the host, it hasn't yet been revealed if they are conscious of what is happening to them, however, when Mea releases a "temporary" host, the host has some memory loss.

Role in Random Might organization: Shipping and smuggling. 


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