Alternate Realms
Alternate Realms:


Individual universes (also called Expansions) contain many dimensions and many alternate realms, each springing from an original one. Since it is near-impossible to determine which of the infinite is the original one, the Guardian has named the one where he has taken form his Prime Universe and the Earth from that universe is designated Earth-Prime.

The Prime Universe differs from all alternates by the fact that it is the only one within which the Guardian resides, and by extension, the only universe where Gaia Force and its kin can be found. The Guardian's presence also influenced the calendar Humans were using, and as 2013 A.D.  rang in, so did 1 A.G. (After the Guardian or Anno del Guardian). The Gregorian calendar is still mostly used on Earth, but the Colonies have adopted the Guardian Calendar.

Universe A1 may actually be the original Prime Universe, since it is a perfect mirror of the Prime Universe up to the arrival of the Guardian. It is that point that each universe started to branch out. Universe A1 continued to exist without the Guardian, while the other became the Prime Universe, according to the Guardian.

In the A1 Universe, Gaia has had to resort to other means to punish Humanity. There, Gaia has taken to extremes the proliferation of Randomites, a new species in direct competition with normal Humans, whereas on Earth-Prime the Randomite threat was considerably reduced after the Guardian's appearance. In fact, only a handful of Randomites exist on Earth Prime.

In the A1 Universe, Gaia Force and its affiliates only exist as fictional characters. As such, Susan Hartree did not become a member of Gaia Force. Instead, she became 
the Unconventionals's legal adviser and part-time resident. Her name in this universe is Susan Hartree Jenkins.

The following characters DO NOT exist in A1-Universe. Only their normal, unaltered personas do:





Universe-A25 has an alternate Earth where Gaia has dealt with Humanity by introducing magic to the world. As the magic grows, it changes the laws of science and slowly destroys the world of Man. Spell Weaver had a glimpse of this world when she met its High Lord Wizard.

Universe-A9987 is another alternate, but its deviation from the Prime Universe happened billions of years ago. In this alternate, the Earth sun is a red giant and the Earth of this realm is populated by a different Human species known as the Sheeran. They are hairless and red of skin. It is also the origin realm of the Anunnaki and of their world, Nibiru.

Universe-A333 is the designation of our own universe. In this universe, Gaia is still trying to decimate Mankind, but in her weakened form can only do so through pandemics and climate change (mainly droughts and floods). It is an uphill battle because Man is resilient, and his science is formidable, but Gaia is slowly winning.


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