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Anunnaki Sancta

The Anunnaki have laid claim to many individual worlds, which they believe will play a major role in the upcoming prophesied Holy War. Earth was supposed to be their base of operations, but they have lost it when the Guardian and Gaia Force banished them. Although the Sol System is lost to them, they still regard it as a point of interest and keep a close eye on it, as they believe it will be a focal point of the war. Today, their most promising system is the Shifu System, which they have conceded temporarily to the E'lah. Other known system claimed is the most unremarkable Cordax System.

Number of star systems in the Sancta: The Anunnaki are very secretive and keep this information closely guarded.
Known systems in the Sancta: Shifu System, Cordax System, Sol System

BahNu Consortium

The BahNu are a race of conquerors and enslavers. Their main goal is the subjugation of rich worlds, where they enslave the population and force them to extract their world's natural resources. The BahNu use those resources in their commercial enterprises.

Number of star systems in Consortium: 22
Contested system: 1 (Ayama System)

E'lah Dominion

The E'lah Dominion is the largest star empire in the quadrant. It comprises many worlds and peoples, and each world is left to its own independence. They must, however, allow the E'lah certain mining and exploitative concessions. It is the price to pay for their protection.

The Dominion is ruled by a council of elders, headed by their Lord Suzerain.

Number of systems in the Dominion: 53
Known systems and planets in E'lah Dominion: Shifu System, Di'Konsha System, Pal'lasha System, Gamma Ceti System, Obsidia,
                                                                   Beranda IV

Gamblers' Guild

The Gamblers' Guild is a corporation whose influence resonates across the E'lah Dominion. The Guild has infiltrated virtually every known star system, and as it spies on the daily lives of most inhabitants, it creates scenarios for its members to gamble on. These scenarios can be as mundane as whether a particular citizen will make it to work that day, to the ramifications of decisions taken in political arenas. Many scenarios are complex with multiple sub categories allowing for a number of outcomes. 

The headquarters of the Gamblers' Guild is located on Aman'tarot, in Betna'Tu City. It is presided over by the Grand Maester.

Number of systems under the Guild's influence: All 53 Dominion systems and many more across the galaxy.

Nahtha Empire (Formerly known as Gatari Empire)

The Nahtha Empire comprises only one system (Rigel) but is spread out over 12 planets and many of their moons. The Head of the Empire is called the Gatari Nak'To (Great male warrior) although the present ruler is female.

Since the coronation of Koralia (the current ruler), the Empire is known as the Nahtha Empire. The change was made in order to entice other worlds to trade with the Empire, as most worlds feared the Gatari. Under Koralia's rule, her people have turned away from conquest and have become a respected trading partner. 

Number of star systems in the Empire: 1
Number of inhabited worlds in Empire: 12 (K'orVara'K, Gheron, Shinnor, Bara'K, AshGeal, Me'K'ior, NavaRus, and others...)


Terran Colonies

Situated in the Shifu System, the Terran colonies are ruled by a governing elite based on Andaleb III. The system was ceded to Humans as a peace offering from the E'lah Dominion. Although the system is ruled by Humans, parts of it (Andeleb IV primarily) are still claimed by the Benicians. The two races signed a constitution giving each side certain rights and obligations.

The Terran colonies are protected and patrolled by the UECF.

Number of inhabited planets in the colonies: 1
Number of inhabited moons in the colonies: 6


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