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Type: Extra-terrestrial

Place of origin: undisclosed but they do have a claim to parts of Andeleb IV in the Shifu system.

The Benicians and the
 E'lah have a history of war and also of co-operation. After having come to a peace agreement, the E'lah and the Benicians divided their spoils but could not reach an agreement regarding the Shifu system, both sides claiming they were the first to colonize it. Since Andeleb IV had been the only world the Benicians had actually settled on, they were allowed to keep claim to it while the E'lah claimed the rest of the system.

When the E'lah allowed Humans to settle the system, the Benicians did not object, so long as they were allowed free trade with them.

Particularities: Benicians are immune to Meridian's pheromones and are unaffected by some of Soleil's chakra powers, indicating that their internal energy centres are vastly different from that of Humans.

Sexuality: They are a two sexed species, males and females, and are oviparous, laying one to three eggs.

First appearance: The Return of Gaia Force #1



Type: Extra-terrestrial

Planet of origin: Jara Vee 

Jara Vee is a world with a gravity of 5G, making its inhabitants extremely strong. For that reason, Jaravians are often recruited as muscle. In a 1G environment, Jaravians can easily lift around 5 tons.

The Jaravians' reputation is that they are a violent species, but the truth is that they are very caring towards friends and family.

Sexuality: Jaravians are a two sexed species, males and females. They can be physically compatible with Humans, but their size and strength can be an issue. It is unlikely the two could conceive a child.

Known Jaravian: 

First appearance: The Return of Gaia Force #1


Type: Extra-terrestrial

Planet of origin: Obsidia 

The world known as Obsidia is a world almost totally covered in magma. The humanoid species that lives there has developped a very strong outer shell, enabling them to survive the intense heat of their world.

Sexuality: Obsidians are a two sexed species, males and females. They are not sexually compatible with other species, primarily for the fact that their bodily fluids are highly corrosive. It may be possible to counteract their effects, however, since the Hound, Obsidian, did make advances to Meridian. They are viviparous, although the young are born in a sack that protects them from the mother's corrosive fluids.

Known Obsidians: Obsidian

First appearance: Scheduled for Gaia Force #10


Type: Extra -Terrestrial

Planet of Origin: Valamore Ceti

Valamorans are recognized throughout the E'lah Dominion as being an excellent work force. Their bodies made for living in a 2G world gives them a physical advantage when working in a normal 1G environment, where Valamorans can lift 1000 lbs with little effort.

Sexuality: Valamorans are a two sexed species, males and females. They are physically compatible with Humans, although conceiving a child is unlikely. They are viviparous, giving birth to fully formed young.

Known Valamoran: Offset 

First appearance: Scheduled for Gaia Force #10


Type: Extra -Terrestrial

Planet of Origin: Beranda IV

Berandi are known to be natural empaths and as such, have had a positive impact on their world. Berandi can sense emotions and can sense the fear in animals as well. For the most part, Berandi are vegetarians and peace loving. Some, however, have come to see the opportunity that their empathic abilities offer.

Berandi do not have hair. Instead, they have sensory spots on their head. These allow them to feel the emotions in others, and also share their own emotions. This emotional sharing is the reason many Berandi work in the sex industry. It is said that a sexual experience with a Berandi is highly pleasurable because the Berandi can feel what you are feeling, and so, by pleasing you, they also please themselves.

Only one Berandi has the ability to release mental energy via these spots. The bounty hunter known as PsyLash.

Sexualiy: The Berandi are a hermaphroditic species, possessing both male and female organs. Each individual is capable of carrying a child, though once that happens, the individual will essentially become female or fem, as Berandi call it. Fems start developing breasts and lose their ability to inseminate, though they do keep their male appendage. The Hound, Psylash, is one such individual.

Many young Berandi enter the sex industry in order to 
avoid becoming fems. Berandi are physically compatible with many species but can only be impregnated by other Berandi. Some fems do enter the sex industry to avoid getting pregnant a second time.

Many Berandi are referred to as Futs, a derogatory term meaning chicks with dicks
Berandi are viviparous, giving birth to fully formed young.

Known Berandi: PsyLash 

First appearance: Scheduled for Gaia Force #10


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