Character- Spell Weaver
spell weaver

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

Other Pictures: 

Art by Gilbert Monsanto 

Spell Weaver
Art by: VenneccaBlind

 © 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Jayna di Magicia
Hair: Brown with tints of red
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Age: 29 not counting time in the Nexus

Born in: Italy
Occupation: Private investigator (Missing persons)

Base of operations: Vancouver, Canada and Antarctica (Nexus)
Classification: Human/Mystic

Ethical alliance: Good


Jayna had been part of a science team sent to study the ramifications that the hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica might cause, but after the arrival of the Guardian and his restoration of the tear, the science team had returned. Jayna, however, had not. She had stayed behind, unsure of the reason, but something was drawing her to the region.

(In the A1 Universe, however, the Guardian never did appear. Jayna's team continued its work, but she left them, in search of answers to the call she was sensing.)

She eventually set out towards that pull and found herself at the south geo-magnetic pole. As she headed towards the trans-antarctic mountain range, the pull became stronger, so she let it guide her until she found a cave and entered it. Deep within, the darkness disappeared and was replaced by a bluish light emanating from a pedestal. Upon it, a book lay. Its cover read; The Magic of Magicia.

Jayna was more surprised by the fact that her name was on the cover rather than by the topic it referred to, but found the whole thing auspicious. Had she been summoned here?

Carefully, she turned the cover and read the first page. It was a disclaimer. It stated; "The pursuit of the knowledge contained in these pages needs to be learned at the pace set by the book. Those who wish to learn its secrets in haste, will gain nothing from their endeavour."

Jayna was not sure what to make of it, so turned to the next page. The title brought a gasp to her throat. It said, "Spell of Immortality".

Jayna read the words on the page but once she had finished it, found they made little sense. If this really was a magic spell, she obviously had not invoked it.

She then turned to the next page but as she did, the mountain shook. Ice crashed down around her and sealed the way out. She was trapped inside the mountain.

Then, he appeared. An elderly man dressed in robes. He was not of flesh, but of light and he stared at her disapprovingly.

"Did you not read the warning?" He asked. "I thought I made it quite clear. The book will not reveal its secrets to those who do not wish to learn them."

"Who are you?" Jayna asked.

The apparition called himself the High Lord Wizard of Magicia, a world much like this one. He said that on his world, Gaia had also sought to punish man, but she had done so by bringing forth magic to undo what he had created. The High Lord Wizard was not only the Master of the magic of that land, he was the magic. With his power, he had reshaped the antarctic landscape of his world and had created a land of magical beauty.

He claimed to have created this book and placed it at the Nexus of Magic to further help Gaia. The Nexus permeated throughout the innumerable realms and so did the book. It had lain in wait for the one deserving enough to use it and protect Gaia herself. Jayna obviously had heard the call, so she was deemed worthy of its power, but she had much to learn.

The High Lord Wizard asked her to go back to the page she had just turned and Jayna saw that the words on it had disappeared. The page was blank. The Wizard explained that the spells must be studied and understood and that only when the person was ready would the book release its secrets. If the spell is not learned or discarded, it will be lost forever.

It now dawned on Jayna what she had done. She had just lost the spell of immortality, and according to the Wizard, she would never find it again.

Jayna apologized and said she would not repeat that mistake but when she asked to be let out of the cave, the Wizard told her he could not help her. He was only an apparition and his power was limited in this world. Jayna would need to set herself free. He claimed that if she learned the next spell, it would help her free herself. So Jayna tried to learn it. It was the "Spell of Fire".

The High Lord Wizard told her that the Nexus was a timeless place where time stopped with regard to the outside world. While in the Nexus, Jayna would not starve or need to drink either. Her only indication that time had passed was the Wizard's daily visits.

For three weeks, she gazed at the page, reading and trying to make sense of what she was seeing. The words spoke of orientation, direction and time. There were forms and movements superimposed by a rhythmic scale. Jayna tried to mimic what she saw time and again, but still the book refused to find her ready. And one day, after what could have been a thousanth repetition, something happened. The words on the page began to dance and reform until they became a single word.

"Very good, Jayna. You have finally unlocked the power of fire." The Wizard told her. "Now find your way out of this frozen prison."

Jayna whispered the word she had just learned and her hands gestured as she weaved the spell. It was effortless, as though she had done it all her life. She easily forged through the ice and rock and stepped outside the cave, pleased with herself.

She returned to the book and the Wizard was waiting. He told her that she would not need him anymore. The rest of the journey would be hers to take, but the book could not be removed from its place. It was bound to Magicia and to the Nexus. Jayna would need to make this place her home until she mastered the magic.

Before he left, Jayna told the wizard that her name was also Di Magicia and wanted to know if it was a coincidence or if there was more to it. The wizard smiled and simply said "yes" before vanishing.

Over the next few years, Jayna mastered many spells and now, armed with great power, she wondered how best to use it.

At first, she did what most super powered individuals did, tried to use them to fight crime and injustice. She confronted many evils and even crossed path with Shadow Force on a few occasions. They even asked her to join their fight, but Jayna, although willing to help, had declined saying that she would let destiny guide her path. And it did.

When she learned the "Spell of Location" and discovered that with it she could find anyone in the world, she relocated to Canada and opened DiMagicia Investigations. As a freelance investigator, she worked with the authorities in cases involving abductions and kidnappings.

Her life as an investigator was fulfilling but Jayna eventually found herself thrust back into the world of crime fighting. Humanity was facing a new challenge when a new branch of Humans suddenly sprung forth. These new beings wielded powers and many called them Mutants or Next Gen. These were normal Humans who suddenly became more and because their existence could not be predicted or anticipated, they were dubbed Randomites by the media. By the time 2020 rang in, Randomites had become a real threat to Humanity, a threat that Jayna would face as Spell Weaver.


Magic: The magical energy Jayna wields is not within her but is drawn directly from the Nexus of Magic, and its source is infinite. She is still learning her craft, but she has mastered numerous spells of various types; elemental, non-elemental, spiritual and arcane. 

Of the many spells she has learned to date, she has mainly used the 
following ones; Spell of Fire, Spell of Gale, Spell of the Traveller, Spell of Location, Spell of the Dead, Spell of Levitation and Spell of Evasion.

Elemental magic: "The Spell of Fire" enables her to cast blasts of intense heat, capable of melting rock. "The Spell of Gale" can blast winds that have been shown to uproot trees and carry off large trucks.

Teleportation: By using the "Spell of the Traveller" she can teleport all over the planet.

Cross-dimensional travel: Jayna has learned the "Spell of the Dead" which allows her to enter the spirit realm, but she has not yet come upon other types of dimensional crossing spells.

Power lift: With the "Spell of Levitation" she can lift objects in the 100 ton range.

Levitation: The "Spell of Levitation" can also be used on herself. It enables her to rise but not to fly.

Sensory control: The "Spell of Evasion" offsets her physical position in the eyes of others, causing them to misdirect their attacks.

Power accessory: Although she doesn't carry it with her, the book "The Magic of Magicia" is the main source of her power. It gives her the means to increase her power with every new spells she learns.

The book also seems to be intimately connected to Jayna's needs and will often choose a spell for her to learn based on her need. When Jayna started finding missing people, the "Spell of Location" could only help her find the ones who were still alive, but then, the book selected the "Spell of the Dead" enabling her to find the others as well.

Limitations:  The magic book contains an untold number of magical spells, but they can only be learned at the book's pace. The book has no index and Jayna must sometimes learn seemingly unimportant spells, like the "Color Changing Spell", before she moves on to the next spell. Although she could skip the spell altogether and lose it forever, she has never done so. 

Some spells can take as long as a year to learn and even though real time stands still while Jayna is in the Nexus, it still feels like a year to her.

The magic of Magicia is bound to Earth and to the Nexus, and as such Jayna would not be able to use her magic off-world, were she to leave Earth. However, her magic would be functional on alternate Earths and their realms since the Nexus is bound to all of them.

Main antagonist: Aradia  


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