Team-Children of the Guardian
Active Members:  

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Team founder: The Guardian

Official team leader: Rubikhon

Membership: Does not accept new                                 members

First Comic book appearance:
The Return of Gaia Force #1

Other comic book appearance:
Gaia Force #6

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
The Children of the Guardian was created over 600 years ago by the entity known as The Guardian.

The planet Neosa was populated by a kind and highly spiritual people who lived in harmony with all life on their world. Neosa was also a rich world, both in mineral resources and rare elements, making it appealing to many alien races and for many years, unknown to the peaceful inhabitants, wars raged beyond their world.

Many races had laid claim to this system, but while the wars raged, no one had officially set foot on Neosa. Then, a clear winner was declared. The BahNu had managed to set bases on all the worlds inside this system, making their claim of it absolute.

With no opposition, the BahNu invaded Neosa. The Neosians may have been giants in comparison, but they were not warriors and when faced with the BahNu's fierce tactics and highly advanced technology, the Neosians surrendered.

The BahNu took no time in subjugating the population, and the Neosians were forced to mine their world's precious resources. The BahNu ruled for centuries, ravaging the once green world and turning it into a scorched wasteland, but unknown to them, the world's pangs of pain had been heard, and the Guardian came to make restitutions.

Neosa was restored to her former glory and the BahNu were expelled to their own system. To ensure Neosa's protection, the Children of the Guardian was established and under the leadership of Rubikhon the Neosians have been at peace ever since.

Some 250 years later, the being known as Silverlance found himself lost and wandered by Neosa. He was confronted by its protectors but upon learning that he was also a child of the Guardian, Silverlance was welcomed among them. As he waited to find his way home, Silverlance fell in love with the Neosian people, and after they helped him return home, he returned to Neosa many times.

When Gaia Force's duty to Earth was fulfilled, the team disbanded and Silverlance returned to Neosa permanently. Over the years, he had fallen in love with the Neosian guardian, Rubikhon, but now that he was there to stay, the two got married, and he became a member of her team.

Membership requirements: To this day, Silverlance is the only new member to have been added to the group, thus implying that only those who were created by the Guardian can make the cut.

Base of operations: Neosa


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