Character- Rayband

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First Comic book appearance:
The Return of Gaia Force #1

Other appearances:
Gaia Force #6

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Tahira-Neo
Hair: None
Eyes: Black
Height: 15 feet
Age: 600+

Born on: Neosa
Base of operations: Neosa
Classification: Guardian

Ethical alliance: Good


Tahira was born during the BahNu occupation of her world. Hundreds of years earlier, the BahNu had come down with ships and powerful weapons, and within a matter of weeks, had subjugated the entire Neosian population. The Neosians were pacifists and spiritual people, and believed that the invasion had been a punishment sent to them by their gods. Somehow, they had angered them and the gods had retaliated.

Since the BahNu had come at the behest of their gods, the Neosians could do nothing but obey them. They knew that refusing meant the death of many, and that was something to avoid. So in true Neosian fashion, they had accepted their fate, believing that even if life under BahNu rule was hard, it was still life. But Tahira felt otherwise.

She had been born at a time when the greatness of Neosa was nowhere to be seen. The elders spoke of the days of yore, when the forests, rivers and seas of their world were filled with wildlife. But the world before Tahira's eyes showed none of this. Their world was dying from over mining, deforestation and the depletion of the fauna. Many animals had been hunted to extinction due to the BahNu's carnivorous appetites, and the seas fared little better. And as Tahira got older, she resented the BahNu more and more, and she was not alone.

She and a group of like-minded youths decided to fight back, and they started to sabotage many BahNu installations. As words of their deeds spread throughout the population, more joined her cause, to the displeasure of the majority. The Neosian elders tried to reason with the insurrectionists, but the youths had had enough of pacifism. They believed that it was time to fight back and reclaim their world.

It was brave of them, but ultimately, the BahNu showed them the futility of their misguided ideals. Thousands of families were put to death, and Tahira watched in horror as her parents were torched by BahNu enforcers. After the massacre, the Neosians returned to their pacifist ways, knowing it was the only way they would survive.

Tahira would not back down and continued to be a thorn in the BahNu's side, but she did so in more subtle ways. Instead of killing the BahNu in her way, she would abduct them and bring them deep inside some of the forgotten abandoned mines, where they were eventually executed. Since the BahNu never found any bodies, they never suspected that Neosians were still fighting back. 

Then came the day of reckoning.

The Guardian came to Neosa. Tahira watched in awe as the Guardian sent out waves of disruptive energies across the skies. As that energy came into contact with the BahNu's machines and factories, they were ripped from their foundations and broken down to their individual atoms. All over the planet, the instruments that had been sucking the planet dry were no more, and whether it was simply in her mind, Tahira thought she heard the planet let out a sigh of relief.

Above her, Tahira watched as the BahNu fleet fired upon the Guardian, but the Guardian paid them no heed. Instead, a lonely figure fought off the BahNu onslaught. It was a Neosian female, and she fought like a demon. But the Bahnu were too many, and she was alone. Then the Guardian spoke... 

"How many allies will you need, Rubikhon?"

"A handful of the bravest will do Guardian."

"Then a handful you shall have."

The Guardian is faceless and has no eyes, but Tahira felt his gaze go through to her soul and then his voice rang out. "Join my other children, Rayband, and protect your world."

Tahira was transformed and she was not alone. Around her, four more Neosians appeared. They, too, had been chosen from across the planet. The group barely said a word and rushed to assist Rubikhon, the one who was to lead them. And after the battle, the BahNu were forced to leave and Neosa was freed.

The Neosian people rejoiced. Their gods had forgiven them and had sent the Guardian and his children to protect them. And for over 600 years the Children of the Guardian kept watch over them, but then...


Force fields:
 Rayband can create the most powerful of barriers. She has even used them to protect Neosa's artificial moons from the ravages of space.

Space travel: Rayband
 can survive and travel the rigorous expanses of interplanetary space.

Super strength: She has enhanced strength, enabling her to lift weights in the 50 ton range.

Self-sustaining: Her body is nourished by starlight, thus eliminating her need to eat. She can, however, enjoy the experience if she wishes.

Physical/energy resistance: Her force fields are so powerful that she can resist attacks of the highest magnitude.

Omnilinguilism: Like all guardians, she can communicate with any intelligent species through guardian speech, an ability that emits vocal messages on multiple frequencies, including the psionic.

Enhanced vision: Like all guardians, she can see in various modes and can stare directly at the sun.

Extended lifespan: Rayband is more than 600 years old.

Limitations:  Her force fields are virtually indestructible, however, Silverlance did manage to tear one apart while spinning his axe and releasing intense energy vortices. 

Q'Aestor escaped one simply by absorbing it into himself.


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