Character- Silverlance

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy 

First Comic book appearance:
The Return of Gaia Force #1

Other appearances:
Gaia Force #6
A Tale of...#1 (Cameo)

Other picture: Silverlance

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Yoshio Tashiro 
Hair: Black as Yoshio
 Brown as Yoshio
 5 foot 10 inches
 56 in 2012
Nationality: Japanese 
Familial links: Daughters; Yumiko, Asami (deceased).  Sons; Genki, Hiraku, Kenji (deceased), Taishiro (deceased)

Base of operations: The Citadel, Moon/Neosa
Classification: Guardian

Ethical alliance: Good


Yoshio was a family man who had raised six children but over the years most had left and none had returned or given news. Japan was a competitive place to live in and Yoshio had always pushed his children to excel at whatever they did, unfortunately for him, his children had not found the constant pressure to their liking. They had left their home and had preferred to lose themselves in whatever pleasure life brought to them.

His two eldest sons turned to a life of crime and joined various gangs until the Yakuza found them encroaching on their turf and had them killed. His oldest daughter had always been a free spirit and left Japan to become an aspiring actress in America. She had never given any news after she had gone, and it was years later that Yoshio found out she had turned to a life of drugs and prostitution.

His two youngest sons fared somewhat better, but they too had left Japan for America. There, they assimilated the new culture and put aside their traditional one. They eventually got married and formed their own family, forgetting the one they had left behind.

Only Yumiko, his youngest daughter, still lived at home. But she was frail and sick from birth. It was a wonder she had lived past her twentieth birthday, the doctors had said, but the disease was advancing, and she would likely not reach her twenty-first. 

To make matter worse, Yoshio's wife had passed away that same year. Her heart had been giving her problems for a while and had suddenly given out. Now alone with his dying daughter, Yoshio fell into despair, and as Christmas was approaching, he knew it may be his daughter's last.

Then, the Guardian appeared to the world. What was he? Why was he here? The world found out on the new year, when the giant being healed the planet. The skies became clear and the rivers and lakes were purified, but then, the Guardian departed.

Yoshio called out to him. He asked him not to leave without healing his daughter. "You're my only hope", he had begged. "Only you have the power to save her. Please, save my child and I will serve you forever."

But the Guardian had not come to save Man. Had he, he would have saved all the others who had cried out as well. The world was full of grief, but Man's grief was none of the Guardian's concern. He took care of worlds and the worlds, in turn, took care of those they harboured.

In the days that followed, Yumiko's health deteriorated further and Yoshio's sorrow grew. The doctors told him there was nothing they could do for her except keep her comfortable. And Yoshio did so. He sat by her side, waiting for the inevitable. Next to him, his silver lance lay. It was the weapon he had used during his Sojotsu competitions. It had even earned him the nickname Gin Yari or Silverlance. Today though, would be the last time he would use it. When his daughter left this world, he would thrust himself on his weapon and follow her.

"Are you so ready to give up?" A voice behind him said.

Yoshio turned around and saw a man standing in the shadows. Being so caught up in his sorrow, he returned his gaze onto his dying daughter, indifferent to the visitor's presence. Was he a thief? Was he there to kill him? It didn't matter. Soon, nothing would matter.

"I have nothing to live for, stranger. Take what you want and leave me be."

"I cannot do that, Yoshio. I cannot let you be for you are the one I seek."

Yoshio turned around and finally looked at the stranger. How did he know his name?

The stranger stepped out of the shadows. He was blue of skin. Had Yoshio paid attention to the news, he would have known that his visitor was none other than Avatar Prime, the voice of the Guardian.

"I have come to take you up on your offer, Yoshio Tashiro. But if you truly wish to serve the Guardian, you will need to leave this world and all those within, behind."

"All that I ask is that my daughter lives."

"Then, follow me. Your daughter will be safe until we return."

Yoshio then found himself in the presence of the one who had ignored him but this time, the Guardian was willing to acknowledge him. 

"You have offered to serve me, child of Gaia, but I do not wish servitude. As you are her child, it is Gaia you must serve. The Prime has found you worthy for the task, and so, I will give you the means to perform your function."

The Guardian had then bathed him in glowing light and Yoshio was no longer a middle-aged man. His body straightened and was rejuvenated. His skin was covered in a silvery shell and in his hand a silver staff had appeared.

When the light vanished, the Guardian was gone. Only Avatar Prime remained.

"Welcome to Gaia Force, Silverlance. We have much work to do, and we have a team to form. Your experience will be invaluable in training them."

"What of my daughter? I must see her one last time. She must know I haven't abandoned her. But...I cannot see her with this face. It will frighten her."

"You are and will always remain Silverlance, my friend, but if you wish for your old face to return, just will it so."

And Silverlance did. He was Yoshio once more, but he could still feel the power inside him. He was glad. Yoshio needed to remain a part of him. The wisdom of his years would be necessary if he was to train this Gaia Force.

When he returned to his home, he saw a woman in green waiting outside. She said her name was Caregiver and that she had used Gaia's power to heal his daughter. Yoshio thanked her and rushed inside to see his child, but Caregiver stopped him.

"Your daughter will not know you anymore nor will she remember you. She will sleep all night and when she wakes, a new life she will live. That is Gaia's will. It is the price you must pay for forcing her hand. Gaia has another plan for Humanity and healing it was not a part of it."

"If my daughter is to live, then the price is justified. Tell Gaia that I thank her."

Yoshio approached his daughter's bedside. She was sleeping and colour had returned to her face. She was healed. He held her in his arms and cried. 

A few days after Silverlance assumed his role at the Citadel, Avatar Prime brought a new recruit. Hartree was her name. Silverlance could see much of his daughter in her, for she too had suffered since birth. He took an instant liking to her and has become very protective towards her. 

When Silverlance first used his space warping ability, he was flung into an unknown part of the galaxy. Fortunately for him, or by design, he found himself in the Ayama System and was welcomed by its protectors, the Children of the Guardian. They too had been created by the Guardian, and their mission was also the protection of their world, Neosa. They helped him find his way back to Earth.

Over the following years, Silverlance returned to Neosa namy times. He had fallen in love with its people, but also, with Rubikhon, t
he leader of the Children of the Guardian, and some 300 years later, when Gaia Force disbanded, Silverlance returned to Neosa permanetly and married Rubikhon.


Energy manipulation: Silverlance uses particle beams of disruptive energy to attack, but by tapping into the wellspring of his power he can release powerful energy vortices.

Molecular manipulation: He can affect the molecular structure and integrity of matter and can rearrange atoms and molecules and transform objects into others.

Invulnerability: His silvery exterior cannot be breached, but once removed it is possible that the silver settles on his skeletal structure rendering his bones unbreakable, but his flesh less so, as it does in Nicci's case.  

Transform: When Silverlance absorbs his silvery exterior within himself, he does not retain his youthful appearance but returns to his former 56-year-old look.

Filtering vision: Silverlance has been able to locate his home star among the billions in the galaxy by eliminating various aspects of other stars from his visual receptors.

Enhanced vision: Like all members of Gaia Force, can see in various modes and can stare directly at the sun.

Star travel: Unlike his teammates, Silverlance possesses the power to achieve inter-stellar travel.

Super strength: 100+ tons of lift. 

Extended lifespan: Like all members of Gaia Force, he possesses long life.

Self sustaining: 
His body is nourished by starlight thus eliminating his need to eat. He can, however, enjoy the experience, and does drink tea and sagua (a Neosian herbal beverage) regularly.

Omnilinguilism: Like all members of Gaia Force, he can communicate with any intelligent life form through guardian speech, an ability that emits vocal messages on multiple frequencies, including the psionic.

Martial arts: Silverlance has studied a variety of martial arts but excels at the art known as Sojutsu, the art of the spear.

Weaknesses: Although his silvery exterior protects him from extreme damage, it does not protect him from extreme physical force. If Silverlance were to get a direct punch from Meridian, it could break his bones.

Paraphernalia: Silverlance uses his one and a half metre staff to fly through space. He does not need it to fly, but he finds it helps him manoeuvre better. The staff can also assume various forms. In battle, the staff usually assumes the shape of an axe. It can also become a ship and carry passengers.

There is a limit to the size he can achieve with his staff. Silverlance was not quite able to achieve Neosian stature thus limiting the size to under 6 meters (18 feet).

Appearance: Silverlance’s costume sometimes resembles armour. He can however change his look at will because he can control his silvery skin to some degree, unlike his staff, which he can mould to any shape.
Silverlance can remove his silvery exterior by absorbing it into his body. When this happens, his staff also gets absorbed because his staff is an extension of him. 

On one occasion, Silverlance has taken on a red hue. It happened when he warped out of space too close to the sun. Silverlance believes that the colour change was a defence mechanism his body produced to compensate for the abrupt change in temperature. In contrast, however, it decreases his resistance to physical forces.

Curiosities: All members of Gaia Force are sterile and cannot have children. It is unclear if this is Gaia's doing or the Guardian's.


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