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Power levels

This is to demonstrate how certain characters would fare against others from their universe.


Powerful characters he could defeat

farpoint  VS  Roguestar   Winner  farpoint  

The fight between these two could go both way. If Roguestar were to use his Nova Blast, the force would knock out Farpoint. However, Farpoint has learned to detect when Roguestar is about to blast, and he would immediately get out of range. He would then continue the battle with his Long Reach. Roguestar would retaliate with his concussion blasts, but they would do little harm because they are physical in nature, not energy based.

farpoint  VS  Challenger   Winner  farpoint  

Fighting Farpoint can be pretty frustrating, as Challenger would find out if he ever had to. True, if the two fought hand-to-hand, Challenger would probably emerge the winner. His strength surpasses Farpoint's. But in a battle to the death, Farpoint would rely on his Long Reach, thus keeping his opponent at bay. At his maximum distance, Farpoint's strength and fist size are amplified, and his punches would be felt by Challenger. 

Other characters he would not beat

farpoint  VS   Meridian  Winner  Meridian

Meridian may not be able to wield energy, so could be considered a potential match for Farpoint, unfortunately she would overwhelm him in little time. Even his Long Reach would be ineffective against her. In the past, when the two trained, Farpoint was able to hold his own against her, but her immense strength eventually makes her break free of his ghostly grasp. Once she closes the gap between him and her, Farpoint does not stand a chance. Furthermore, Meridian's connection to endospace is likely the reason she can escape his grasp, as Farpoint's ability stems from there as well.

farpoint  VS  nicci   Winner  nicci  

Nicci's fusion scream and her indestructible skin would be her asset in this fight. And were she to get close enough to him, her sword could cause him some damage, as it has been shown to be able to cut a guardian's skin. The best Farpoint could hope for is a draw by immobilizing her with his ghostly hands.


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