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Best Fighters

Power levels

This is to demonstrate how certain characters would fare against others from their universe. 


Higher level characters he could defeat

Challenger  VS  Roguestar   Winner  Challenger  

Challenger would win this duel because Roguestar's Nova Blast would be ineffective against him. Challenger's resistance to high impact force would protect him from most of the damage. With his superior strength, he would subdue Roguestar.

Challenger  VS  Hartree   Winner  Challenger  

Hartree could potentially win if she knew who she was fighting and used high intensity energy attacks, but Challenger is quite resistant to such attacks. He would simply need to get close and fight her physically. Hartree does not have the strength or the fighting skills to defeat him.

Other characters he would not beat

Challenger  VS   Meridian  Winner  Meridian

Challenger would quickly learn that Meridian may very well be the ultimate champion in terms of brute force.  

Challenger  VS  Geomass   Winner  Geomass  

Geomass has the strength and power necessary to defeat Challenger. He is not a pushover.

Challenger  VS  collapsar   Winner  collapsar  

Collapsar would win. His control of gravity would quickly render Challenger unable to stand up. 

Challenger  VS  abyss maul   Winner  abyss maul  

The likelihood that the two would meet is quite low. In the Prime universe, Abyss Maul still resides in Hivina, a different dimension, but were he to make his appearance on Earth Prime, Challenger would first need to face Hartree, Caregiver and Gaia herself before even reaching him. Fighting the 50-foot titan, however, would prove too much for Challenger.


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