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Best Fighters 

Power levels

This is to demonstrate how certain characters would fare against others from their universe. 


Higher level characters he could defeat

Silverlance  VS  night storm   Winner    Silverlance

Night Storm is one of the most powerful members of Gaia Force, but Silverlance's silver exterior would protect him against her abilities, even her Sunburst. Silverlance is a better fighter and would defeat her in a fight. All Night Storm could do is retreat within a star or turn intangible.

Lower level characters he MAY NOT defeat

Silverlance  VS  Hartree   Winner  ?  

For the same reason that he could win against Night Storm, so it is against Hartree. It is, however, very possible that Hartree could drain his guardian energies. If Q'Aestor can do it, she must be able to do it as well, but she would need to act quickly. Silverlance is a skilled fighter, but Hartree can easily deal with his energy attacks. Their strength is on par, so it would be a race between his fighting skill and her draining ability.

Silverlance  VS  Roguestar  Winner  ?

The battle could go either way. Roguestar's has the ability to resist energy attacks of high magnitude, and his Nova Blast could temporarily incapacitate Silverlance. The battle would then be fighting skill versus strength.

Lower level characters he WOULD NOT defeat

Silverlance  VS  Geomass   Winner    Geomass

This would come down to strength. Geomass possesses sufficient strength to defeat Silverlance, and his endurance would enable him to resist Silverlance's energy attacks. Silverlance would retaliate with energy vortices, but Geomass can expel matter almost continuously and control it. He could pummel Silverlance from all sides, eventually overwhelming him. Once in his grasp, Silverlance would not escape it.

Silverlance  VS  Rubikhon   Winner  Rubikhon  

Could Silverlance defeat his wife? She is twice his size and possesses twice his strength. Her fighting skills with her double-sided "khon" are on par with his own. She can unleash fusion blasts which could, in theory, turn his silver skin red. When this happens, his resistance to energy attacks increases, but his resistance to physical attacks decreases. A well-placed blow from her khon could incapacitate him momentarily.

Silverlance  VS  nicci  Winner  nicci

Gold is more valuable than silver, but is it more powerful? As a matter of fact, in this instance, it is. Nicci's golden exterior does not react as Silverlance's does in the presence of excessive temperature. Avatar Prime made sure that no harm would come to Nicci, and that is why he made her impervious to all. Nicci's fighting skills are excellent, and she is relentless. She would hold her own against Silverlance. Only his strength could be a factor, but like Rubikhon, her fusion blast would be an asset in this fight.


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