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This is to demonstrate how certain characters would fare against others from their universe. 

  VS    Winner  

Sumo Juggernaut's win would only happen if he managed to do at least three shikos, thus increasing his size and resistance. At this point his resistance to Warbot's energy blasts would start to show and his strength and fighting skills would nearly match his. Warbot's main strategy would be to stay out of range. Sumo Juggernaut cannot fly, but he can do pretty impressive jumps as his size increases.

Obsidian  VS    Winner 

Obsidian's strength is his major asset in this fight. He far surpasses Black Sting in this department and would be able to break free of her webs. His magma secretions would be an asset as well. Black Sting's only chance comes from her agility and her venom sting, though it remains to be seen if it would be effective on his corrosive metabolism.

  VS  yokai  Winner 
The fight may be that of demon slayer vs demon, but the demon in question is not really one. Yokai only looks like one and so does not reek of evil. Dark Slayer's array of Holy weapons and relics would do little against her. Yokai's strength and teleportation would be her greatest asset in this fight, while her magical abilities would be of little use against a non demon. 

Dark Slayer's skill as a fighter would be her strength in this confrontation. Her fighting skills are optimal, as is her endurance and vitality. In time, she would breach Yokai's defences and administer the coup de grâce. 

soleil  VS    Winner soleil
Shadow would seem to have the upper hand in this confrontation. He is a skilled fighter, and his density altering abilities could render him too hard to damage or too immaterial to hit. He could also change the density of the ground around Soleil's feet and trap her there. Soleil would escape through the use of her rainbows, which turn her to light, and reciprocate with her various chakra stones and mess up Shadow in various ways, one of which would be to alter his mood for fighting.
aradia  VS    Winner 
Aradia would have no chance against White Monk unless she struck quickly. Her strength surpasses his, and her claws could rip him to shreds. Her arcane magic could prove useful as well, but because White Monk can summon Holy light quite readily, it would prove fatal to Aradia. Her greatest weakness is his main ability.

brawl  VS  wildclaw  Winner 

This fight would be one of strength versus claws, unfortunately for him, Wildclaw would be at a disadvantage. His frenzied fury would do little to breach Brawl's dense skin, and Wildclaw lacks the strength to defeat him, even in his altered forms. Brawl's skin can only be breached by slow penetrating objects, which Wildclaw's talons are not.

aradia  VS  mardi gras  Winner aradia 

This fight would go to Aradia, though not as easily as one would think. Aradia would not be able to rely on magic to defeat Mardi Gras, because his necklace makes him immune to it. She could summon enemies to fight in her stead, but her greatest assets would be her intelligence. Aradia's claws could also tear him piece by piece. Still, Mardi Gras could potentially win if he grabbed her first.


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