Team- The Expansions
Current Members:

Guardian Prime

Team founder: The Creationists

Official team leader: Guardian Prime

Membership: Open to new members

Created by:
 Lawrenz Lano

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano

The Expansions are a group of entities created by the Hyper beings known as, the Creationists and the Entropists. The Expansions are in reality universes and as such, the group of Expansions represents the or a multiverse.

For the most part, Expansions are unaware of what they are, only Expansion 13.82B has come to understand his role. Having done so, he has begun to instruct other Expansions and is making them aware of their true nature.

Having been named Guardian by the Creationists, Expansion 13.82B is regarded as the leader of their Expansions.

Expansions exist side by side and by definition represent parallel universes. Each has its own laws of physics, though many do share similar ones.

These are not to be confused with alternate universes/realms which stem from the Expansions themselves. Alternate realms share the same laws of physics as their respective Expansion.

Expansions are also Hyper Beings, as their existence lies beyond the universe. 

Membership requirements: By definition all Expansions belong to this group, however, only those who have become aware are true members.

Alternate Realms: Individual Expansions also contain many dimensions and many alternate realms, each springing from the original one. 


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