Character- Guardian Prime
Guardian Prime

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance:
Novel Grey Legacy as The Guardian


© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Expansion 13.82B  
A.K.A.: The Guardian, Healer of Worlds, The Universe

Hair: Inapplicable
Eyes: Inapplicable 
Height: His actual size is that of the universe, although where he comes from his stature is considered moderate.

Age: Not applicable in Multiverse as time there is not a concept, but it appears as 13.82 billion years to those living within this particular universe. It is unclear however, how the perceived age of the universe seem to match the Expansion's nomenclature.

Base of operations: The Creationist's Multiverse
Classification: Cosmic Entity

Ethical alliance: Neutral


Expansion 13.82B was created like all other Expansions; by the will of the Creationists. These enigmatic beings' true purpose is unknown, save that they are the ones responsible for the creation of the Expansions. It is believed that they are at war with some other force known as the Entropists, but the Expansions have no real understanding of such concepts. Their sole purpose is to exist for the benefit of the Creationists.

Expansion 13.82B seems to have been the only one given a purpose. It had been given the designation of Guardian and tasked to keep watch over the other Expansions. As Guardian, it was given the means to alert the Creationists if the Expansions were threatened, but no discernible threat had ever been detected and so, Expansion 13.82B spent most of its existence waiting.

As it waited, it observed the other Expansions. Most were at peace, but many gave signs that they were not. A lack of harmony resonated within many of them, and it wasn't long until Expansion 13.82B became aware that it too was being affected.

Expansion 13.82B did something none before had ever done. It began to search within itself, trying to discern what was causing this disharmony. It watched and listened to its inner workings and learned that it was composed of many dimensions filled with countless particles of light and energy and more importantly, matter. And it was from the matter within that the disharmony came.

It would have been simple to erase this matter from existence, but as it was about to do so, it detected that the disharmony came from many other places as well. Destroying them without understanding their nature would not solve the problem. It had to understand what they were and why they were.

Expansion 13.82B decided that the best way to understand this phenomenon would be to interact with it. But to do so would mean to send a part of itself deep within. And so it did.

It found the focus of the disharmony. It was a particle of matter among many, but it was unlike many of the others. This one had detected its presence.

"Are you the Creator?" It had asked. 

"I am the Guardian." Expansion 13.82B had answered. "What are you? And what is causing you such disharmony?"

The particle of matter had told it that her name was Gaia and that it was a world in pain. That the life it had brought about had pained it greatly, and that it was in agony.

The Guardian had asked whether destroying that life would restore the world's harmony, but Gaia had pleaded not to destroy the life on it. She said she needed her strength back so that she could deal with those who had harmed her.

The Guardian did not understand why Gaia would still protect those who had harmed her and try as she might, Gaia could not make him understand.

"You cannot understand because you are so far above us," Gaia had said. "If you wish to understand, you must become one of us, or see through one of us. As I have done. I see and understand the world of Man through the eyes of my avatar, Caregiver. If you were to select an avatar from this universe, it would help you understand it better."

And so it was that the Guardian selected his own Avatar Prime.

Through the Prime, the Guardian learned many things about itself and the universe that was its body. He also leaned new concepts like morality, forgiveness and justice. He also learned about corruption, vengeance and fighting for what one believed in. These notions, once foreign to him and his kind, he brought back with him, though little did they mean whence he came from. But knowledge, he had learned, was a great weapon and if he was to continue to serve as Guardian of the Expansions, he would need such weapons.

With the aid of the Prime, he sought out more worlds in pain. Healing them, he learned, also healed him and made him stronger. The knowledge he gained through his Avatar also did so. In time, he became the strongest of the Expansions and his vision became clearer. The Creationists who had always seemed perfect to him began to seem less so. Their words and choices often questionable. But now was not the time to act. At the moment, he was alone. If he was to lead a revolution, he would need allies. And so, he began to teach the other Expansions what he knew.

And as he searched within himself, he would continue to learn more as the Guardian.


The extent of the Expansions' powers are unknown, but destroying an Expansion results in destroying a whole universe. Guardian Prime has the potential to do so.

Within himself, what we call our universe, he is perceived as being omnipotent.

Paraphernalia: In time, Guardian Prime will learn that he can summon all the souls within him in the form of a weapon, the Omni-Soul.

Weaknesses: Unknown

Appearance: Guardian Prime is the only Expansion that has taken a form. Whereas Expansions are amorphic, Guardian Prime has taken on a humanoid form.



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