Team- The Guard's Sword
Active Members:  

Benora  Hangor  Majur Shyda Tandel Wavon

Inactive/reserve members:


Team founder: The Guardian

Official team leader: Hangor

Does not accept new members

First comic book appearance:
The Return of Gaia Force #1

Other appearances:
Gaia Force #6

Other pictures:

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
The Guard's Sword was created by the entity known as The Guardian. After leaving Earth, the Guardian travelled across time and space and found the planet Malekia in need of his help. Like he had done with Earth's true soul, Gaia, he decided to help Malekia's soul, Kalah, in the same fashion.

He healed the world and created a team of protectors 
to keep watch over it. He found his protectors in the Seventh Realm. The leader of that Realm was Jenon 7, and he and his loyal followers had been the only ones who had tried to stop the wars in an attempt at healing the planet. 

The Guardian renamed that leader Q'Aestor, and enhanced him and his crew. Together, their task was to protect their world from those who would harm it. They became known as the Guard's Sword, and for ten years, the Guardian kept a close eye on them. 

Unfortunately, after the Guardian's departure, their world turned on them.

The Guard's Sword's mission was changed from protecting their world to protecting their people, but their efforts were in vain and their entire race was extinguished. The thousand individuals that survived were on the brink of death and placed in stasis.

Q'Aestor would not let his world get away with this genocide and decided to exact vengeance. He killed his teammates by absorbing their guardian energies and used his newfound power to destroy Kalah, the spirit of his world.

For a thousand years, Q'Aestor wandered the galaxy in search of Avatar Prime, whom he blames for his people's death. He deems that since Avatar Prime had started the Guardian on his mission of world healing, he was the one truly responsible.

Q'Aestor eventually confronted Avatar Prime and the Guardian, but was defeated. His powers were extracted and returned to his teammates.

The Guard's Sword was restored. They took residence in Q'Aestor's floating city. It being the last remnant of their dead world, it was renamed Malekia.

After Q'Aestor's fall, Shyda took temporary leadership of the Guard's Sword, but it was eventually given to Hangor. The Guard's Sword's new mission is to focus on returning to health their dying people.

The members of the Guard's Sword are Benora (orange), Hangor (yellow), Majur (purple), Q'Aestor (dark blue), Shyda (red), Tandel (green) and Wavon (light blue).

The members' basic skills are the following;
Benora: Teleportation, Force fields, Phasing
Hangor: Super strength, Energy manipulation, Optic blast
Majur: Super strength, speed
Q'Aestor: Energy blast/Energy absorption
Shyda: Energy blast/Power boost (can enhance someone's abilities)
Tandel: Florakinesis and bestialinguilism, limited telepathy. Can also accelerate the growth of plants and can communicate with animals.
Wavon: Molecular manipulation, Metalokinesis

Membership requirements: At present, the Guard's Sword has other worries and recruitment is not a concern.

Base of operations: Malekia City


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