Character- Q'Aestor

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First Comic book appearance: 
The Return of Gaia Force #1

Other appearances:
Gaia Force #2, #3,#4, #5, #6

Other Picture: Q`Aestor

Q'Aestor's city
a.k.a. Malekia City


© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Jenon of the River Kass (Birth name), Jenon 7 (When he rose to rule the Seventh Realm)
A.K.A: The Guardian Slayer
Hair: None
Eyes: Red/Brown originally
Height: 6 foot 9 inches 
Age: 1000+
Familial links: Shyda (wife), Kalandria (Niece)

Base of operations: Malekia City/Mobile
Classification: Guardian

Ethical alliance: Evil


Some time after his departure from Earth, the Guardian stumbled on another world in pain. As he had done with Earth, he listened to the mournful world's plea. He learned that the inhabitants called their world Malekia, but Kalah was her real name and like Gaia, she had suffered at the hands of those she had chosen as her children.

She especially blamed the rulers of the Nine Realms, for they had been at war for hundreds of years. Only one of the nine rulers sought peace, but the others would not have it. They warred continuously, draining their world's soul energy as their weapon. As they drained Kalah's life, their world withered and began to die, but since neither side could outfight the other, all weapons being equal, Kalah watched helplessly as she was being consumed.

The Guardian made his presence known to Kalah's people and, as he had done numerous times before, healed the planet. To ensure that they would not resume their activities once he departed, the Guardian erased their cities from existence and the inhabitants were now homeless, their civilization destroyed. Forced to survive with what Kalah gave them, they would need to learn, once more, how to live in harmony with their world.

As insurance, the Guardian selected the ruler of the Seventh Realm to watch over them. He would now have what he had sought, peace. The Guardian filled him with the power to protect his world and named him Q'Aestor, the one who asks questions, for he had been the only one to seek answers to his world's plea.

The Guardian told him of Gaia Force and how they had formed a team to protect their own world. Here, too, Q'Aestor would form his own team. And in the days that followed, The Guard's Sword
 was created.

For a decade, the Guardian kept a watchful eye on the Malekians. During that time, Q'Aestor fell in love with Shyda and married her. When his brother died tragically, Q'Aestor adopted his daughter and raised her as his own.

Eventually, the Guardian left Malekia under the Guard's Sword's watch, but days after his departure, Kalah turned on the people.

She had been waiting patiently as she concocted the tools of her vengeance. Plagues and toxins had been prepared, and the elements had been primed for devastation. The
 laws of nature she had first created were altered to exact maximum carnage.

Kalah had set the stage. Now was the time to unleash her fury.

Within weeks, the air was made toxic and the rivers and lakes became poisons. Wherever Malekians lay, the ground opened beneath their feet and swallowed them. Mountains that had sat still for eons suddenly spewed out magma, covering entire flocks of fleeing Malekians. Storms raged for weeks, forcing rivers to escape their beds, dragging and drowning countless thousands.

The Guard's Sword tried to save their people, but their combined powers could not help them against their maddening world.

In a last attempt to save their kin, the Guard's Sword transported thousands off Malekia and settled them temporarily on their moon, but these could not be saved. Kalah's poisons had done their work.

Q'Aestor did as his name implied; he asked the questions. "How couldn't he stop what was happening to his world, to his people?" But the answers eluded him. He had been given power, but he could only watch helplessly as the last of his people died. Only then did the answer come to him, but it was too late.

He cried out in anger and pain, knowing what he needed to do. He then turned to his bewildered teammates and drained their powers. He did not shed a tear as their lifeless bodies fell to the ground because he knew that he would soon have enough power to avenge them. He hunted them down one by one, but kept his love, Shyda, for last. Her power enabled her to intensify the abilities of her teammates, and he needed that.

Shyda tried to fight him, but she had only a fraction of his power. She lay at his feet, begging for him to reconsider, but Q'Aestor would not. As he drained the last of her energies, he forced her to unleash her power and as she did, his own increased a thousand times.

He returned to Malekia and could finally see Kalah as she truly was. She was magnificent to behold, but as he drained her complete life energy, and she became a dead shell, the sight of her pleased him even more.

Q'Aestor shouted to the heavens, swearing to the Guardian that he would find him and destroy him. He swore he would find all those whom the Guardian had touched and make them pay for what had happened to his people, but most of all he had to find the one who had truly inspired the Guardian. He had to find Avatar Prime. Once he did, he would erase him from existence. He and his Gaia Force.

Q'Aestor eventually managed to track down Gaia Force. He confronted Avatar Prime and killed him. The Guardian, however, restored him.

Q'Aestor was punished for his acts. The Guardian removed all of his powers and restored him to his original form. Q'Aestor is now serving a life sentence in isolation deep below Malekia City.


Energy manipulation: 
He can wield most forms of energy and use them in various ways. He can even affect endospace, and has redirected Farpoint's attacks, which stem from there.

Energy absorption: Q'Aestor can absorb immense amounts of energy. He has absorbed the total powers of his Guardian-empowered teammates, as well as the life energies of an entire planet.

Star travel: Q'Aestor can access warped space, which gives him inter-stellar travel capabilities.

Super strength: His strength is considerable and may even be limitless, although it is unconfirmed, but he did manage to rip Malekia's capital city from its foundations. 

Gliding: By interacting with solar winds and planetary magnetic fields, he can use them to propel his body in any direction he chooses. Through this method, he can reach moderate speeds of thousands of mph. He sometimes uses this somewhat inefficient mode of travel when surveying planetary systems or when engaging in battle.

Teleportation: He can teleport objects and himself over vast distances, but by accessing warped space, he can even teleport within it, enabling him to reach any destination almost instantly.

Force fields: He can create immense force fields capable of resisting multi megaton detonations or the ravages of a star's corona.

Omnilinguilism: He can communicate with any intelligent life form and has also been able to communicate with Kalah, the soul of his world. Whether this was a single occurrence, or whether he can communicate with every world, is presently unknown.

Self-sustaining: Like all guardians, his body lives off starlight, so he does not need to eat or drink.

Invulnerability: He can resist attacks of the highest magnitude unprotected, and if need be, can increase his protection with powerful force fields.

Enhanced vision: He can see in various modes and can stare directly at the sun. He is also able to see the souls of worlds.

Extended lifespan: As a guardian, he possesses long life.

Martial arts: His people have been at war for centuries and as one of their leaders, he has mastered many forms of combat.

Natural weapons: Q'Aestor can also use his flagella in battle and even direct his power through them.

Weaknesses:  Soleil managed to incapacitate him momentarily by affecting his chakras.

Appearance: Malekians have an external vertebra at the neck and possess flagella, tentacle-like appendages, on their backs. Unlike regular Malekians, Q'Aestor's flagella are alive and can be used offensively.

Instead of eyebrows, Malekians have winglets. These flutter to cool down the body.

Q'Aestor's flaming skull is not representative of his race. Like Avatar Prime, energy seeps out of him according to his mood.

Curiosities: After he destroyed Kalah, Q'Aestor dislodged the Guard's Sword's Citadel from its foundations and uses it to travel the cosmos. This city is the last remnant of Malekia.

Within this city, he has stored some Malekians in suspended animation. These are all on the brink of death, but Q'Aestor hopes that, in time, he may resurrect his race.

He has also kept the dead bodies of the Guard's Sword, in a place of honour.

Main antagonists: Gaia ForceChildren of the Guardian


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