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Abyss System

The Abyss system was created by the Guardian as a home for Avatar Prime. It is located 500 light years outside the galactic disk. It consists of a small brown dwarf star with a single planet. The system has no moons or asteroids within. 

Type of system: Brown Dwarf system
Number planets:
First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy

First visual appearance: Scheduled for Gaia Force #12

Aman'dal System

The fourth world of that system is called Aman' terot. It is a world where interstellar commerce thrives. It is also the world where the headquarters of the Gamblers' Guild is located. The most famous city on Aman'terot is Betna'tu City, where the Pan Stellar Tournaments are fought.

Type of system: Solar analog (similar to Sol)
Number of planets: 8
Number of inhabited planets: 1
Home of:
 E'lahChaeh'lah and many other species.
Location: E'lah Dominion 

First appearance: The Return of Gaia Force #3 

Ayama System

The Ayama system was part of the BahNu Consortium until it was liberated by the Guardian. It has since been protected by the Children of the Guardian.

Type of system: F-type star system
Distance from Earth: 800 ly
Number of planets: 6
Number of inhabited planets: 1 (Neosa)

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy 
First visual appearance: The Return of Gaia Force #1

Cordax System

The Cordax system is located in Anunnaki space, but hasn't officially been claimed due to the unremarkable nature of the worlds that comprise it. The only signs of life that can be found are mostly microscopic, although some lichen and primitive plant life can be found on one of its moons.

Type of system: Red dwarf system
Number of planets: 10
Number of inhabited planets: 0
Number of habitable worlds: 1 moon with primitive plant life

Location: Anannuki Sancta 
First appearance: Scheduled for Gaia Force #11

Di'Konsha System

The Di'Konsha system is one of the commerce hubs in the E'lah trade route. Wares shipped from all over the Dominion get sent to these hubs, whereby the products get distributed to their final destination. The trade routes are heavily patrolled due to the high number of raider and pirate activity.

Type of system: Yellow dwarf system
Number of planets: 6
Number of inhabited planets: 0
Number of habitable worlds: 1 moon has been set up as the system's main distribution centre. Malekia City can also be found in the outer belt of the system.

Location: E'lah Dominion
First appearance:  The Return of Gaia Force #5 

Eta Carinae System

The system is located within the Carina Nebula. The combination of regular stellar eruptions as well as the combined gravity of the two  stars which comprise it causes great turmoil inside the nebula. Comets and asteroids are always changing course and collisions are a frequent occurrence.

Type of system: Binary star system (Both blue type)
Distance from Earth: 7500 ly
Number of inhabited planets: 1 (Exilium)
Location: Eta Carinae Nebula

First appearance: The Return of Gaia Force #4  

Kavini System

The Kavini system is moving out of the galaxy. A long time ago, the star passed too close to a black hole and was ejected towards the outer arm of the galaxy.

Type of system: A-type main-sequence star
Number of inhabited planets: None. The Athelans are presently trying to survive aboard their few remaining ships.
Home of: Athelans 

First appearance: A Tale of...#1

Pal'lasha System

Long ago, the red giant Pal'lasha ejected its material and became a white dwarf. As it exploded, it took with it most of the planets orbiting it, except for two of them, the furthest from their star. The one that is now known as Pal'lasha 1 had its orbit changed by the newly formed white dwarf star that remained, and was pulled closer to it. It also absorbed a high amount of rare elements from its star's explosion and the ice that had once covered it, started to melt. Over time, it surprisingly developed an extensive flora and fauna. Today, it resembles Earth during the Jurassic period. It is an extremely hostile world.

Because of its high deposits of rare elements and minerals, Pal'lasha 1 has been settled by an E'lah mining and refining facility. Their most precious ore is mined from the planet's core and is instrumental in the manufacturing of warp drive engines.

Pal'lasha 2 is a gas giant, but after its star's explosion, it absorbed a great amount of new gases and increased in size. It is now a super-sized gas giant, also known as a Super Jupiter, and has over 200 moons.

Type of system: White Dwarf system
Distance from Earth:
 153 ly

Number of planets: 2
Number of inhabited planets: 1
Worlds from that system: Pal'lasha 1 (a.k.a. Pal'lasha) and Pal'lasha 2
Home of:
Location: E'lah Dominion (Hyades cluster)

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy 

Rigel System

Some 500 years before the Gatari/Earth war, the Rigel System was colonized by the Gatari. Because of its star's massiveness, the Goldielock zone it generates is quite vast. So vast, in fact, that 12 of the planets can be found in it. The Gatari managed to set colonies on those twelve worlds, as well as many of their moons. 

The Rigel system also harbours one of the rarest substances in the galaxy, jakka.

Jakka is an organic substance created by an insectoid species, which the Gatari have named ja(k) sulli (makers of jakka).  The ja(k) sulli dwell on one of Rigel's largest asteroid. The jakka the insectoids create renders their asteroid livable, as jakka possesses two valuable properties; it creates oxygen and acts as a barrier to the vacuum of space. When jakka is applied to the skin, it spreads over the body and shields it from the vacuum of space. It also produces oxygen, which the wearer can breathe.

Jakka is only effective in the near vacuum. Once it is exposed to an atmosphere, it slowly loses its efficiency and eventually dies off. Jakka cannot be used more than once.

Type of system: Blue Super Giant
Distance from Earth: 
860 ly
Number of planets: 16
Number of inhabited planets: 12
Home of: Gatari, Nahthas
Location: Orion constellation
First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy
First visual appearance: Scheduled for Gaia Force #11

Shifu System

Although the Shifu system is said to belong to the E'lah, it has not been so for long. The system has always been claimed by the Anunnaki and is still being claimed to this day. But in order for the Anunnaki to have access to Human stock, they formed an alliance with the E'lah and the Chaeh'lah and conceded the system. 

It had been revealed that the E'lah had been experimenting on Humans for centuries before they got found out, but when half the population of Earth opted to join the E'lah in order to escape Gaia's judgment of Earth, the E'lah offered them the Shifu System as a peace offering between the two races, although one concession had to be made.

The Benicians and the E'lah have a history of war, but also of co-operation. After having come to a peace agreement, the E'lah and the Benicians divided their spoils but could not reach an agreement regarding the Shifu system, both sides claiming they were the first to colonize it. Since Andeleb IV had been the only world the Benicians had actually settled on, they were allowed to keep claim to it while the E'lah claimed the rest of the system.

When the E'lah allowed Humans to settle the system, the Benicians did not object, so long as they were allowed free trade with them.

Type of system: Solar analog (similar to Sol)
Number of planets: 
Inhabited planets: 1
Prolar is the third planet of the Shifu system. Its Northern Hemisphere tilts away from its star and has moderate yearly temperatures of 90 degrees F (32 Celsius). The Southern Hemisphere is too hot for human settlement. This planet is primarily colonized for residential and agricultural use.
Inhabited moons:
Andaled I- Primarily used as military weapons' testing site.  
Andaleb III - Home
 of the elitists, the government and the military (see UECF).
Andaleb IV- Industrial colony. This moon has a naturally high concentration of CO2.
Debias II- Nickel, Iron, cobalt and various other metals
Debias VI- Water mining colony
Debias VII-Rare metals, including gold and platinum.
Home of: Humans, E'lah, Benicians
Location: E'lah Dominion (Gemini constellation)
First visual appearance: The Return of Gaia Force #1 


Sol System

The Sol System is the birthplace of Mankind, but for millennia it was claimed by the Anunnaki. These beings believed that Man was to be the instrument through which a long prophesied war would be fought. Man is said to possess the most powerful of souls, and souls are the weapon that will be used in this forthcoming war.

Alongside the Anunnaki, many other races had laid a claim to that system, the E'lah and the Reptilians among them. The Anunnaki did not object to these claims. The E'lah also studied the Human soul for their own benefit, and the Anunnaki welcomed any new information. As for the Reptilians, their constant attempt at corrupting Humans, also contributed in revealing new information about them.

All this, however, had come to an end when the Guardian had banished them all from the system.

A.K.A.: Solar system, Terran System
Type of system: G-type main sequence star. A Bright white star, seen as yellow from the surface of Earth.

Number of planets: 8 with many dwarf planets
Number of inhabited planets: 1, as well as an abandoned Martian colony. There is also an abandoned facility on Thetys, a moon of Saturn.
Number of inhabited moons: 1

Home of: Humans (Terrans)
Location: Anannuki Sancta (unofficially)

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy
First visual appearance: The Return of Gaia Force #2

Zeta Reticuli System

Type of system: Binary star system (Both are solar analogs)
Distance from Earth: 
39.3 ly
Home of: E'lah, The People, Greys, Zeta Reticulons
Location: E'lah Dominion (constellation Reticulum)


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