Character- Soleil

Created by: Lawrenz Lano 

First Comic book appearance:
The Return of Gaia Force #2 (as Sunn Yee) 

The Return of Gaia Force #4 (as Soleil)

Other appearances:
Gaia Force #5, #6, #7

Other picture: 

Art by: VenneccaBlind

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Sunn Yee Dae
Hair: Brown, but sometimes dies it blonde. 
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 3 inches
Age: 25 in 2012
Born in: Canada but of Korean descent

Occupation: Spiritual shop owner/ spiritualism teacher (guru)
Base of operations: Coquitlam, Canada (before 2312)
                              The Citadel (2312-2394)/Andaleb IV (2394-)

Classification: Randomite

Ethical alliance: Good


Sunn Yee was born with her empathic abilities. It is believed that she was the first of the Randomites, though if she is, the seizures attributed to her transformation occurred while she was still in her mother's womb.

From her earliest recollection, Sunn Yee had the gift of bringing peace and joy to the people around her, but it was only as she became older that she realized her ability was unique. She was raised in a loving environment, but much of it was caused by her being there. Everywhere she went people were cheerful, and Sunn Yee believed that's what the world was like. But when she left her home and moved to the city, she immediately noticed that happiness was not a part of most people's lives. She decided that her mission would be to bring that missing joy to people, and she endeavoured to work throughout the community to that effect.

The people she met could not believe how she managed to bring them peace and happiness so readily. They claimed that she was a living ray of sunshine, illuminating the darkness as she waded through it, and many started calling her Sunshine or Soleil and so it became her name.

One day, she met a young man who taught her new insights in spirituality. He told her about the seven human chakras and how their development could bring harmony to one's body, soul and well-being. He encouraged her to meditate to find them within herself.

She promised him that she would delve into its study and that she would like him to train her to achieve it. He agreed, but before he had the chance to teach her, he mysteriously disappeared. Unknown to her at the time, the young man was visited by the Guardian and sent on a one-year pilgrimage. It would be years until she met him again and learn that his name was Renshi

Renshi may have been gone, but Soleil did not renege on her promise and decided to learn to develop her chakras on her own. At first, the meditations and inner searching did not seem to offer much more than peace and relaxation, but as she persevered, she mastered her first chakra. Each subsequent chakra became easier to master and within three years, she had mastered them all.

It was then that she received a visitation.

While she was meditating in a grassy meadow, a figure seemed to rise from the ground and took form before her. It was a woman, and she exuded a power that Soleil could almost touch.

Although she should have been afraid, Soleil wasn't. The woman didn't feel threatening, and the power she exuded felt like it was one of peace, not of danger. The woman stood there studying her for a few moments before introducing herself.

She called herself Caregiver and told her that she was Gaia's voice. Soleil understood what that meant. She had seen the arrival of the Guardian, as all on Earth had. She had heard of the heroes that had risen since that day, the Gaia Force. Caregiver was one of them, and she wanted to recruit her to join the fight to protect the planet.

Soleil listened to Caregiver's words but in the end turned down her proposal. She told Caregiver that she was honoured that Gaia wanted her help, but she wanted to help the people of the world. Gaia Force and its affiliates were not here for their benefit. They were here for the planet itsef.

If Caregiver was upset by her answer, she showed no sign. Instead, she touched each of the spiritual stones in front of Soleil and their energy intensified. Caregiver told her that it was a gift from Gaia, and she left.

When Soleil picked up the stones, her link to her chakras became immediate. She could now tap their energy with little to no effort, and she could direct that energy outside her body, to help others or hinder them.

In the years that followed, Soleil learned that she had been chosen as one of Gaia's select and as such, she was given long life and 300 years later, when Gaia Force had fulfilled its duty towards Gaia, Soleil  set up residence at the Citadel, their home base on the moon. Along with Renshi and Arkahnus, she kept watch over the humans who had decided to settle there as well.

Some 80 years later, Gaia Force was reactivated to deal with the rogue guardian known as Q'Aestor. Soleil took an active role in protecting the citizens of the Citadel and after the battle, Arkahnus made her a member of the New Gaia Force.


Chakra mastery: Soleil has achieved a complete mastery of her chakras and is now tightly connected to the world around her. 

Spiritual energy: Soleil can use her chakras to disrupt the energy flow within others. By channelling these energies through her spiritual stones, her abilities are enhanced.

By using her Crown chakra (violet), she can rob a person's intellect and render them confused, lost and have them lose touch with reality. Conversely, she can increase their focus, thus heightening their ability to think.

Her Brow chakra (indigo) affects a person's reasoning, rendering them unsure of every decision made and increases their paranoia and distrust of others. Conversely, she can make them so trustful that they obey her without question.

Her Throat chakra (blue) can render people nauseous and affect their breathing and speech. Conversely, she can calm them and make them speak the truth.

Using her Heart chakra (green), she can make people lose touch with who and what they care about. Turning lovers into bitter enemies or altering a person's loyalties. Conversely, she can make them feel love and kindness.

Her Solar Plexus chakra (yellow) affects a person's worthiness. Turning confidence into feelings of inferiority and optimism to pessimism. Conversely, she can make them confident and give them a sense of worth.

Her Sacral chakra (orange) affects a person's mood, rendering them withdrawn and despondent and highly destructive. Conversely, she can increase their passion and creativity.

Her Base/Root chakra (red) robs individuals of will, strength and vitality. Conversely, she can make them stronger, and even heal them.

The effects of these attacks are temporary, lasting no longer than one hour. In time a person's own chakras would return to normal, but were she willing to, Soleil could disrupt them on a permanent basis, rendering the individual unable to resume a normal life.

Empathy: Soleil can radiate waves of positive energy, creating joy and contentment within others. This energy is released as rainbow light. It is possible that this light emanates from Soleil's very soul, as it is harmful to nether creatures.

Physical/energy resistance: While in astral form, Soleil can withstand most forms of attacks. Soleil also carries various coloured stones, which she uses to re-energize her body or lost energies. One of the stones accelerates her healing processes.

Gliding: Soleil can glide on rainbows of light she creates. She can also transport people via them.

Cross dimensional travel: Over the years, Soleil has learned to send out her astral form.

Martial arts: Soleil was taught Aikido, as well as, other techniques by Renshi.

Extended lifespan: It turned out that Soleil became one of Gaia's chosen. Under Gaia's protection, she was allowed to continue living without fear of aging. Now, that she has left Earth, however, her protection is void, and she will age normally.

Weaknesses: People who have developed a high mastery of their own chakras can resist Soleil's attacks.

While in astral form, her powers are not as effective and her concentration must be maintained, or she returns to her host body.

Paraphernalia: Soleil carries an assortment of mystical stones blessed and powered by Gaia's light. These enhance her chakra energies and also enable her to travel via her rainbows.

Curiosities: Like all Humans from Earth, Soleil cannot have children.


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