Character- Hartree

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy 

First Comic book appearance:
(as Susan Hartree)
The Return of Gaia Force #5

Other appearances:
A Tale of...#1 (Cameo)

Other picture: Hartree

When Hartree retires,
she becomes a servant of Gaia

© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano
Real Name: Susan Hartree 
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 10 inches
Age: 24 (in 2012)
Born in: USA
Familial links: Karen Jenkins (Aunt)

Base of operations: The Citadel, Moon/Earth (today)
Classification: Guardian

Ethical alliance: Good


Susan was crippled at the age of three after being hit by a drunk driver. Her spinal cord was shattered, and she spent her whole life in a wheelchair. 
By the time she was 13, she had lost both her parents and was then raised by her aunt Karen.

Susan never let her disability hinder her. She enjoyed life and loved helping others. And in turn, others helped her as well. She became well known in certain circles, and people always knew who to go to for starting fundraisers. Susan had an infectious kindness that made people want to help, and that was why her fundraisers were always a success.

It was shortly before she started college that Susan managed to get rid of a speech impediment that had bothered her for years. She now felt ready to embrace the career she had always wanted. She studied hard and achieved her goal ahead of most people. At 23, Susan had passed the bar exam and became a public defender in order to help the needy.

But then, her life was changed forever.

The Guardian came to Earth and chose her to become one of his champions. He gave her what she had lacked all of her life and now, free from her confinement, she had the ability to protect Humanity.

Susan had faced many ordeals from her paralysis, but always managed to find the energy to overcome her fears and pains. The Guardian found it appropriate to build on that aspect of her strength, and after having healed her body, he bestowed to her the ability to use the energies of the universe.

She became the only member of Gaia Force to continue to use her original name. A hartree being an atomic unit of energy, she found it very fitting to keep it.

Over time, she formed a romantic relationship with her co-member, Roguestar, and has come to look to Silverlance as a father figure.

Some 300 years later, Gaia deemed that Gaia Force had fulfilled its duty towards her and the team disbanded. Hartree decided to return to Earth and became one of Gaia's chosen. Doing so, however, meant giving up her life as a guardian and living exclusively for Gaia. In the same manner that Gaia uses Caregiver to live through Mankind, Hartree became the vessel and the weapon through which Gaia could tap her chosen's soul energy and defend herself.

When the rogue guardian Q'Aestor came to destroy Earth, Hartree managed to repel him by channelling her soul energy. It was revealed that she had the most powerful soul on the planet.



Energy manipulation: Hartree can use all the energies of the universe.

Energy absorption: She can absorb all types of energy.

Energy blast: Uses all types of energy attacks, but prefers particle beams of disruptive energy.

Energy resistance: Immune to energy attacks.

Radiation Immunity: Totally immune to all forms of radiation.

Super strength: 100 
tons of lift. 

Extended lifespan: 
Like all members of Gaia Force, she possesses long life.

Enhanced vision: Like all members of Gaia Force, can see in various modes and can stare directly at the sun.

Self sustaining: 
Her body is nourished by starlight, thus eliminating her need to eat. She can, however, enjoy the experience if she wishes.

Space travel: She can fly and possesses interplanetary travel capabilities.

Omnilinguilism: Like all members of Gaia Force, she can communicate with any intelligent life form
 through guardian speech, an ability that emits vocal messages on multiple frequencies, including the psionic.
Physical resistance: Has a moderate resistance to physical attacks.

Weaknesses: Susan does not like physical confinement. 

Limitations: Although Hartree can access any form of energy indefinitely, there is a limit to the rate at which she can absorb or expel them. She has been shown to absorb Night Storm's Sunburst almost point-blank, but she would not be able to entirely absorb one produced by a star.

Hartree also mentioned that her flight mode, as well as Night Storm's, did not produce a push behind her, thus not enabling her to push large objects by flying behind them. However, pulling them is possible. This, however, is not true of all guardians. 

Curiosities: All members of Gaia Force are sterile and cannot have children. It is unclear if this is Gaia's doing or the Guardian's.


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